The episode kicks off with Preeta accepting aarti from Karan, with an unmistakable tension hanging between them. As Nidhi scans the room for Preeta, Preeta discreetly slips inside the house. Concerned, Karan questions Rajveer about Preeta's whereabouts. Rajveer feigns ignorance, privately baffled by Preeta's unexpected appearance at the Luthra residence. Determined to keep her hidden from the rest of the household, he plots her quick exit.

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Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2023 Video Episode 1668

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Elsewhere, Nidhi retreats to her room, dialing up Nilesh. She confides her belief that if Nilesh had successfully taken out Preeta earlier, they wouldn't be in this mess. She fears her plans will crumble if the Luthras spot Preeta.

To Nidhi's shock, Preeta confronts her, revealing she knows about the assassination attempt at the hospital. Baffled, Nidhi deflects, questioning why she would target Preeta when they share no prior animosity. But Preeta remains steadfast in her convictions. Their confrontation escalates with Preeta vowing to expose Nidhi's dark intentions to the Luthras and even suggesting Karan might involve the police.

Downstairs, Rishabh hands out prasad, while Karan's unease grows. He confides in Rishabh about sensing Preeta's presence, expressing his urge to locate her. Urging Karan to rejoin the ongoing festivities, Rishabh also mentions Nidhi should join them.

In the midst of their standoff, Karan's knock on the door sends Nidhi into a panic. With Preeta hidden just out of sight, Nidhi barely manages to placate Karan, promising to join the prayers shortly. But once he departs, Nidhi brandishes a knife, signaling a showdown. Just then, Srishti spots and incapacitates Sambhu, potentially another threat. A tense chase ensues in the corridor, with Preeta disarming Nidhi and leading her away.

Meanwhile, Kavya shares a vulnerable moment with Varun, expressing the pang of longing she felt when she saw another woman receive maternal affection, admitting she can't even recall her own mother's face. Varun comforts her, insisting that her mother's love and blessings continue to watch over her. Overhearing their poignant conversation, Rajveer steps in, promising Kavya a heartwarming reunion with his mother, perhaps offering her some semblance of maternal love.