The episode commences with Preeta receiving the aarti from Karan. Karan gazes at her intently. Nidhi starts looking for Preeta, who then enters the house. Karan questions Rajveer about Preeta’s whereabouts. Rajveer pretends to be clueless and wonders why Preeta came to the Luthra house. He decides to discreetly remove Preeta from the premises before anyone else notices her presence. Rishabh distributes prasad to everyone. Nidhi retreats to her room and contacts Nilesh. She expresses that all her problems would have been solved if Nilesh had succeeded in killing Preeta. She fears that her efforts will be in vain if Preeta encounters the Luthras. Just then, Preeta arrives and accuses Nidhi of attempting to strangle her at the hospital.

Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2023 Written Update, Twists, Spoilers, and Future Story

Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2023 Video Episode 1668

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Preeta questions Nidhi’s motives behind wanting to kill her. Nidhi counters by asking why she would want to harm Preeta when they have no enmity between them. Nidhi deceitfully denies any involvement in the murder attempt and claims that someone else must be responsible. However, Preeta firmly asserts her belief that Nidhi is the culprit. Nidhi tries to divert the conversation by mentioning the ongoing Krishna Janmaashtami celebration and suggests that Preeta should go home instead of fighting. Preeta refuses and threatens to expose Nidhi’s actions to everyone, including involving the police.

Preeta demands to know the reason behind Nidhi’s enmity towards her. Nidhi feigns confusion and questions Preeta’s sanity. Preeta rebukes Nidhi, stating that she has no involvement in Nidhi’s life and cannot comprehend her problem. Nidhi persists in claiming that it is all a misunderstanding on Preeta’s part. Preeta confidently states that she knows Nidhi hired Shambhu to kill her. Nidhi vehemently denies any knowledge of Shambhu. Meanwhile, Rishabh asks Karan who he is searching for. Karan reveals that he sensed Preeta’s presence and feels compelled to find her. Rishabh instructs Karan to join him downstairs with Nidhi.

Preeta informs Nidhi that she refuses to depart without understanding the reason why the latter desires to harm her. Karan gently taps on the door, urging Nidhi to open it. He notifies Nidhi that they must descend the stairs for the religious ceremony. Nidhi’s mind contemplates that today marks the conclusion of her scheme since Karan will encounter Preeta. Palki advises Shaurya to maintain distance from Shanaya. Shaurya counters Palki by mentioning that Shanaya enjoys conversing with him, questioning what bothers the latter.

He inquires if she experiences feelings of envy and encourages her to acknowledge her love for Rajveer. Palki offers him a religious offering and retreats from the area. Rajveer embarks on a hunt for Preeta. Preeta instructs Nidhi to fabricate an excuse and escort Karan away from their location. She conceals herself behind the door. Nidhi unlocks the door and assures Karan that she will join him downstairs before promptly shutting it. Karan departs from the vicinity.

Preeta advises Nidhi to rendezvous at the rear entrance of the residence and then makes her exit. Nidhi seizes the knife and accompanies Preeta. Srishti spots Sambhu and proceeds to render him unconscious. Within the corridor, Nidhi endeavors to thrust the knife towards Preeta. Swiftly, Preeta snatches the weapon from Nidhi’s grasp and escorts her away from the scene.

Kavya confides in Varun about the discomfort she felt when a member of the dance troupe touched her, reflecting on the absence of memories of her own mother and succumbing to tears. Varun assures her that her mother’s presence and blessings persist eternally. Rajveer eavesdrops on their conversation, subsequently entering and offering to facilitate a meeting between Kavya and his own mother.