The episode kicks off with Neelam brooding over the disgrace she faced because of Lakshmi. Resolute, Neelam plots revenge, setting her sights on the aftermath of the impending wedding. With a mix of intrigue and concern, she questions Virendra and Harleen about their intentions to discuss the Lakshmi matter with Rishi. Virendra confirms, emphasizing that Rishi's joy hinges on this very topic. Neelam recalls to both the biting words Lakshmi had thrown at them, with Virendra suggesting that Neelam herself provoked such remarks. Accepting the implication, Neelam voices her determination to halt any budding bond between Rishi and Lakshmi.

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th September 2023 Written Update

Neelam mentions that Lakshmi probably grasped her sentiments. She urges Virendra and Harleen to refrain from burdening Rishi, citing his existing emotional turmoil. As Rishi contemplates, staring into the mirror, he's swamped by memories, as is Lakshmi in a parallel setting. A lighter moment ensues when Sonia proposes a dance to commemorate Rishi's wedding, an idea Neelam warmly embraces. As Sonia and Karishma set the dance floor ablaze, they beckon Rishi, and Neelam encourages Virendra and Harleen to join the merriment.

As Neelam prompts the priest to start the rituals, Malishka enters, elegantly dressed as a bride. The festivity peaks with Sonia sharing a dance with Malishka. An emotionally charged moment unfolds when Rishi, drawn to Lakshmi, slips a ring onto her finger, culminating with an exchange of garlands. Confused and overwhelmed, Lakshmi confronts Rishi about his intentions. Their emotional tango is interrupted by Malishka's venomous words towards Lakshmi, accusing her of puppeteering Rishi.

Malishka underscores the family's benevolence towards Lakshmi, questioning her audacity to betray their trust. In a defining face-off, Lakshmi, defending her integrity, challenges Malishka on her intentions with Rishi. As tensions reach their zenith, Karishma demands Lakshmi's eviction. Harleen tries mediating, but Lakshmi, prioritizing familial harmony, opts to step back. However, Karishma believes the damage is already done.

Karishma's ultimatum for Lakshmi to depart intensifies when Sonia physically tries to lead her out. However, Ayush's heartfelt plea for Lakshmi to stay adds another layer of complexity to the drama. He emphasizes the unbreakable bond he shares with her, urging her to recognize and reciprocate Rishi's genuine affection.