Anupama beseeches Malti Devi to abstain from shedding tears. "From the perspective of a mother," she begins, "I assert that Anuj hasn't erred, but rather, the oversight falls squarely on maternal shoulders." Malti Devi, swallowing her pride, acknowledges her failings, conceding that chasing her dreams wasn't inherently erroneous, yet abandoning her offspring and severing ties, certainly was. She continues, revealing her earlier cognizance of this grave misstep, but her hubris deterred her from facing her progeny and reconciling with her past. In her vulnerability, she beseeches Anupama for sanctuary, fearful of her son's potential disdain. Anupama, caught in a vortex of emotions, revisits Malti Devi's fervent pleas juxtaposed against Anuj's firm stance.

Anupama 24th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama sends Malti Devi to Shah’s house

The Shah lineage finds their way back to their abode. Anupama witnesses Kinjal ushering Baa inside, her mind echoing remarks about Malti Devi's newfound recognition of Anuj's affluence, insinuating ulterior motives. Anupama's dwelling, Baa jests, increasingly resembles a sanctuary for all and sundry. Torn, Anupama grapples with the dilemma of ejecting Anuj's biological mother from their abode. Babu ji interjects, stressing the inhumanity of abandoning an ailing, elderly woman, reminding Anupama of the transient nature of the arrangement. Their discourse touches upon the selflessness inherent in women like Anupama, the anchors of the world. Nevertheless, Baa remains adamant about the impending need for alternate accommodations for Malti Devi.

Inside a dimly lit chamber, a distraught Anuj implores solitude. Anupama's solicitous inquiry meets a curt refusal, leaving her imploring divine strength for her companion. The narrative shifts momentarily to Barkha and Ankush, who debate over Anupama's propensity to shelter the vulnerable, delving into their own place in this intricate tapestry. While Barkha voices suspicions about Malti Devi's intentions, Ankush, mirroring Anupama's compassion, underscores the potential repercussions of leaving her destitute.

In a vehicular sojourn, Adhik and Pakhi traverse the roads, reflecting on their journey, pondering familial expansion, and deliberating the timing of introducing a new life into their realm.

Back within the confines of their abode, Anuj grapples with the traumas of yesteryears, recounting tales of a young boy yearning for maternal love, chasing kites as metaphors for lost connections, and lamenting the void left by a mother chasing her own dreams. This realization solidifies his conviction, affirming his disdain for her and the irrevocable severing of ties. Anupama, while empathizing, remains powerless in the face of his anguish.

The narrative then hints at ensuing complications – Dimpy's deteriorating health, brewing tensions around Malti Devi, and Anuj's symbolic association of Ganesh Chaturthi with Anupama's maiden entry into his life. As the festival culminates, he seeks finality, desiring Malti Devi's exit from his existence, leaving Anupama to navigate this emotional tempest.