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Kundali Bhagya14th August 2023 Shanaya outspokenly comments, catching Palki off guard and making her worried for Shanaya. Shanaya continues, criticizing Palki's attire, suggesting that her sister, a fashion designer, can offer a better style. To Palki's surprise, Kavya finds the idea appealing, and with Rakhi's prompting, Aisha seems open to Shanaya's assistance.

In a corporate setting, Shaurya storms into Mahesh's office, venting about Rajveer preventing him from reprimanding a lift operator. He demands Rajveer's dismissal. Instead, Mahesh praises Rajveer's timely intervention and advises him to always have Shaurya's back, treating him like a brother. Shaurya departs in annoyance.

Elsewhere, Nidhi confides in Aarohi about a threat she received from Shrishti. Aarohi, however, offers a solution that soothes Nidhi.

Back at home, Dadi comments on the unique taste of the soup Palki served her. Palki credits her mother's culinary prowess. They share a light moment when Dadi jests about Palki mothering her. As she prepares to leave, Palki playfully warns Dadi about consuming sweets, threatening to replace them with bitter gourd soup. Dadi, feeling nostalgic, mentions that Palki reminds her of Preeta.

Aarohi stirs the pot with Nidhi, suggesting she might be losing to Preeta or even speculating about a potential secret relationship between Preeta and Karan. She teases that Karan might be waiting for the right moment to bring Preeta back into the household during Kavya's wedding celebrations. They converse outside Rajveer's residence, with Aarohi insinuating that Nidhi might have a plan up her sleeve.

At the Luthra residence, Shanaya persuades Kavya to allow her to assist in the wedding preparations. Concurrently, Nidhi covertly observes Shrishti and Preeta at lunch, deducing that they might be staying with Rajveer.

Watch Kundali Bhagya14th August 2023, Episode 1627 on

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Serial Name: Kundali Bhagya

Telecast Date: 14 August 2023

Source of Video: Vkspeed/VkPrime

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