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Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2023 Episode Written Update

Karan arrives at the temple and rings the bell, oblivious to the fact that Preeta and Shristhi are also there for a prayer ceremony. While Shristhi hopes the priest doesn't inquire about the father's name, Karan, unsure about the temple rituals, silently wishes to be pardoned for any unintentional errors. Unbeknownst to him, Preeta is nearby. He respectfully bows in prayer. As Preeta continues with her prayers, Shristhi nudges her to leave quietly after spotting Karan. But before they could slip away, Karan senses Preeta's presence, becoming slightly anxious.

Meanwhile, Mr. Khurana welcomes Avnish, his friend, into his home. Palki, recognizing him, affectionately addresses him as "Avnish uncle". Avnish brings up a proposal for Palki regarding a senior patient who needs constant care. Palki, convinced by her father and Avnish, agrees. Shanaya, eager to join them on their journey to Bandra, gets permission from Avnish. Before leaving, Avnish desires to have tea, but only if Palki brews it.

Outside the temple, Shristhi admits to being thirsty due to the lengthy ceremony. Preeta offers to fetch water. In her absence, Shristhi occupies a seat next to Karan. When the priest asks for the father's name of her child, she hesitantly reveals it to be Karan Luthra but urges the priest to proceed without further questions. On returning with the water, Preeta is surprised to learn from Shristhi about a supposed new ritual that requires both their heads and faces to be covered. In the midst of the concluding rituals, Karan and Preeta's hands brush against each other. The touch, unmistakably familiar, confirms Karan's suspicion that it's indeed Preeta. Their interaction is cut short by the smoke from the rituals, and Shristhi quickly pulls Preeta away from the scene. Karan chases after them, but they elude him.

Elsewhere, Dr. Avinash halts his car outside a magnificent mansion, leaving Palki and Shanaya in awe. Shanaya, upon learning this is where Palki will be working, playfully inquires if there's any vacancy for a fashion designer, referring to her recent diploma. They are warmly greeted by Rakhi and Kavya who are familiar with Palki and learn of Shanaya, her sister. As Dr. Avinash departs, Nidhi asks for Bani Dadi's medical records to be handed over to Palki.

Upon entering the mansion, Palki is welcomed by Bani Dadi and Karina. They are reassured to have her there after witnessing her caring nature during a fire incident. Bani Dadi fondly recalls a past caregiver, her voice tinged with sadness, making Palki realize the depth of her loneliness.