YRKKH  24th July 2023 Written Episode  The tale begins with Akshu fondly reminiscing about Abhir. She recounts how his singing, which she had always encouraged, brought joy to her heart. His melody was soulful and his subsequent embrace was heartwarming. She felt elated seeing Abhir, after a long time, wear the radiant smile she had missed. This also prompted her acceptance of the job. Everyone listens as she shares these memories. However, Manjiri, who recalls Akshu's statement, fumes with anger. Akshu is optimistic about this new job as it presents an opportunity for Abhir and her to spend time together. But her joy is short-lived as she is served a court order that leaves her in despair. 

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2023 Written Episode 5053 Update

Everyone is perplexed as they observe her breaking down in tears. Abhinav and Kairav rush to support her, while Manish reads the court document. The order, sanctioned at the Birlas' request, prohibits Akshu from visiting Abhir during the weekends. This harsh sanction, a result of her visit to his school, leaves Akshu distraught. Amidst this chaos, the family agrees they need to talk to Abhi. 

Surekha criticizes the Birlas for their insensitivity. Abhi, too, expresses his dissent over the decision. Although he admits they often disagree, he deems this punishment towards Akshu unjust. In his view, every child needs the presence of both parents, especially the mother. He voices his discontent to Manjiri, arguing that Akshu doesn't deserve this treatment. 

An irate Akshu questions why she's being denied her rights as a mother. Abhinav is visibly upset while Abhi pledges to challenge the court order. As the emotional turmoil persists, Manish proposes that Akshu and Abhinav temporarily move to Kasauli. This suggestion arises from his guilt over his blunder, which he believes has disrupted their lives. Abhinav agrees, but Akshu resists leaving her son behind. 

Abhinav explains that it's for Abhir's good; this separation could help him adjust to the new circumstances. Akshu feels like she is being asked to forget her child, but Abhinav convinces her it's for their child's happiness. He believes that their absence will provide Abhir the chance to accept Abhi. 

Meanwhile, at school, Abhir gets a new music teacher, replacing Akshu who had quit the job. This news shatters Abhir, who was expecting his mother. Back home, Akshu and Abhinav continue their painful farewell, leaving for Kasauli. 

Upon returning home, Abhi attempts to contact Akshu to inform her about his petition against the court order. However, he's told she isn't home and neither is she at Abhir's school. This leaves him anxious. 

In the upcoming episode, Abhir, missing his mother, attempts to find her. Ruhi spots him leaving and Aarohi notices his absence, leading to the police's arrival at their home.