In the recent unfolding of events, we find Shefali engrossed in her work as Abhimanyu arrives for a conversation. Disturbed by something, Abhimanyu reaches out to Shefali, struggling to find a starting point for his concerns. He highlights the criticality of the matter, suggesting both Shefali and Parth should be aware of it.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2023 Written Update

The heart of the matter lies in Shivu's troubling transformation into a bully, an aspect which Abhimanyu reveals to Shefali. This behavior change, particularly towards Abhir, leaves Shefali shocked. Shefali, acknowledging Abhimanyu's equal affection for Shivu and Abhir, emphasizes the need for careful handling of the situation. The decision is made to apologize to Abhir, and a strategic suggestion from Abhimanyu involves having separate conversations with their children. Simultaneously, Manjiri and Mahima learn about Shivu's antics but are asked by Abhimanyu to remain composed till the reason for the growing discord between Shivu and Abhir is discovered.

In an unexpected development, the Goenkas find out about Muskaan's impending move to Mumbai. Muskaan's unexpected transfer to Mumbai takes everyone by surprise as Manish and Swarna confront her about it. Meanwhile, Surekha discloses to the Goenkas that Muskaan was actually planning a surprise for them, but ends up being surprised herself by the pre-booked tickets. Muskaan clarifies that she has yet to give an official confirmation at her office. However, she neither rejected the offer. Manish and Surekha engage in a mild altercation over this issue, with Manish asking her to allow Muskaan to speak. Amidst the family discourse, Muskaan reiterates her financial independence, saying even though 30,000 might seem less to the affluent Goenkas, it holds significance as her identity. Throughout the conversation, Kairav observes Muskaan closely.

In an attempt to understand the root of the problem, Abhimanyu tries to discuss with Abhir about his skirmish with Shivu. But Abhir stays silent on the matter. Giving him space, Abhimanyu assures Abhir that he can confide in him anytime. A hungry Abhir brings the conversation to an end.

Suhasini advises Muskaan to also consider her relationship with Kairav before making any decision. At the same time, Akshara meets Abhir and sings for him and his classmates, delighting everyone. In response to her enchanting performance, Abhir appeals to his principal to employ Akshara as a music teacher. With a sense of hope, Akshara urges the principal to offer her an opportunity for the sake of Abhir. 

Abhir's joy is palpable as he spends time playing with Ruhi, making Manjiri and Abhimanyu believe that he is slowly settling in at the Birla house. As Akshara gets appointed as a music teacher, Abhir's surprise is met with happiness. He promises to keep their meeting a secret as he is aware of Manjiri's dislike for Akshara. But unfortunately, their conversation is overheard by Manjiri.

In a twist, Akshara shares her joy of getting a chance to meet Abhir at school with the Goenkas. Amidst her excitement, the episode concludes with a hint of what's to come.

The preview of the next episode shows a legal notice being sent to Akshara by Manjiri. Manish instructs Abhinav to accompany Akshara to Kasauli, while Abhir mysteriously goes missing, setting the stage for more intriguing events.