Struggling for a Child's Happiness: A Parent's Dilemma

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode commences with Akshu expressing her concern about Abhir to Manjiri, wondering if there were any complaints about him. Abhi, curious about the discussion, inquires further. Akshu shares her distress, revealing that Abhir exhibited disrespectful behavior towards his teacher, resulting in detention. However, today he skipped school entirely, which Manjiri was aware of but chose not to disclose to Abhi. Akshu confronts Abhi, stating that the environment at their home is negatively influencing Abhir, making him aggressive and defiant. She blames their selfishness for their son's unhappiness.

An emotional argument ensues, with both parents pointing fingers at each other. Abhi asserts his authority as the father, claiming he can handle his son's problems. Akshu, in return, insists that Abhinav is a better father figure for Abhir. The family members try to mediate, urging them to find a solution.

Akshu acknowledges that she is not perfect, but she believes that Abhir's mental health is being affected in their current setting. She expresses her desire to take him away to ensure a better environment for him. However, Manjiri threatens to involve the court again and revoke visitation rights if she attempts to do so.

Manish intervenes and encourages Akshu to fight for Abhir's well-being using her talents rather than emotional arguments. He believes she can triumph over fame and identity to secure a better life for her son. Akshu leaves with Manish, determined to reclaim her child.

Meanwhile, Aarohi spends time with Abhir and tries to cheer him up. Abhir shares his wish to live with both his parents in their Kasauli house. The scene transitions to Abhinav and Akshu, holding hands, discussing how Abhir's anger reminds them of Abhi's past behavior. Akshu fears that Abhir might develop the same issues and hopes to calm his heart.

In the following scenes, Abhi reflects on his own shortcomings and swears to take responsibility for Abhir's happiness. Akshu begins her first day at work, supported by Abhinav, who assures her that he will be with her every step of the way.

The preview shows Akshu receiving a court notice, sending her into distress. Abhinav and Akshu decide to go to Kasauli. Meanwhile, Abhir goes missing, leaving Abhi worried.

The episode highlights the complexities of parenting, where decisions made with the best intentions can still lead to unforeseen consequences. Both parents struggle to provide the best environment for their child, grappling with their own flaws and challenges along the way.