The episode begins with Abhi deeply regretting his actions after recalling Akshu's words. He sends her a message apologizing for the mistake they made. Meanwhile, Akshu receives the message but doesn't respond immediately, feeling hurt by Abhi's earlier words.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update

In the morning, Abhi, Parth, and Anand are busy on calls trying to gather details from the hotel. They discuss whether the room was booked under Manjiri Birla or Mahima Birla. Just then, Manjiri, Mahima, and the kids arrive. Ruhi rushes to Aarohi, and Shivansh warmly embraces Shefali. Abhir, feeling emotional, runs upstairs. Abhi approaches him, calling him "junior," but Abhir doesn't respond and continues to cry.

As everyone gathers, they discuss plans for the day. Abhi questions why Abhir is with them and not with Akshu and Abhinav. Manjiri explains that he couldn't sleep well and needed rest. Abhi expresses his frustration, as they lost a day due to the weather and could have taken Abhir back to his mother. He accuses Manjiri of not making enough effort to send Abhir back.

The situation worsens when Shivansh accidentally hurts himself while playing with Abhir. An argument ensues, and Parth tries to slap Abhir in anger. However, Abhi intervenes and stops Parth from taking any action. The tension escalates further, with Mahima blaming Abhi and Shivansh for Abhir's disturbed state of mind.

Amidst the heated conflict, Abhi tries to reason with everyone, emphasizing the importance of handling the situation calmly for the children's sake. However, the arguments continue to escalate, causing emotional turmoil for all involved.

In a phone call with Akshu, Abhir overhears her expressing concerns about his behavior and feels that his parents don't want to keep him anymore. He worries that if they find out he has become a "bad boy," they won't even want to see him.

The episode concludes with a court notice arriving, and Akshu's distress amplifies. The family seems to be on the brink of an emotional breaking point, with the custody battle affecting the children negatively. As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that finding a resolution to this custody conflict won't be easy for anyone involved.