Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with the family preparing to cut the welcome cake for Shivansh. However, they discover the cake smashed, and Parth scolds Shivansh's friends. Shefali intervenes, asking Parth not to scare the kids. Mahima notices cake cream on Abhir's shirt and accuses him of ruining the cake. The situation escalates, but Manjiri defends Abhir, stating it was unintentional. Shivansh feels neglected and believes Abhir has replaced him, which leads to an argument. Abhir refuses to apologize and runs upstairs.

Later, Abhi tries to talk to Abhir and help him deal with his emotions. Meanwhile, Akshu is excited to take Abhir to Jaipur to meet his mum and dad. The family makes arrangements, and Abhinav wakes up to join them. Akshu, Abhinav, and Abhir leave for Jaipur, while the Goenka family discusses Akshu's decision to take Abhir out of Udaipur and their concern about Abhir's attachment to them.

Manjiri and Abhi assure them that they will follow the court orders and do what is best for Abhir. However, Manjiri expresses worry that Abhir's heart may not be connected to them anymore. Meanwhile, Akshu and Abhinav overhear this conversation, causing them to feel concerned.

During the trip, Shivansh feels left out as Abhir avoids sitting beside him. However, the family tries to create a pleasant atmosphere and enjoys their time together. On the way, they encounter a broken bridge due to heavy rain, and Manjiri considers calling Akshu but hesitates, fearing that she might seem like she is lying.

Meanwhile, Abhir expresses his frustration, feeling forgotten and ignored. The situation becomes emotional and complicated as the family tries to handle the emotions and dynamics between Shivansh and Abhir.

The episode portrays the complexities of family relationships, highlighting the love, concern, and challenges faced by each member.