The episode begins with Ruhi witnessing an argument between Akshu and Manjiri. Aarohi intervenes and asks Akshu to leave. Akshu gives Abhir his school shoes, explaining that he gets shoe bites from new shoes. Manjiri suggests that if Akshu stops coming to their house, Abhir can be happier there. Ruhi conveys Manjiri's request to Akshu, who tearfully complies and leaves.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Surekha scolds Muskaan for a mistake, and Muskaan expresses her concern that she may not be capable of taking care of the family. However, Neela consoles her and reminds her that she is perfect in the eyes of her husband, Kairav. Muskaan finds solace in Kairav's support and love.

Akshu encounters Abhi outside and expresses her fear that Abhir might grow up to be like him if he continues to stay with Abhir. They argue over their different perspectives and Akshu leaves.

Back at the house, Manjiri faces Abhir's disappointment and anger for scolding Akshu. Abhi intervenes and reminds Abhir to respect his elders. However, Abhir remains firm in his loyalty towards his mother, Akshu. Abhi becomes worried about the situation.

Abhi tries to pacify Abhir and promises him that they will go to school together. Abhir is reluctant at first, but Abhi manages to convince him. Abhir expresses concern for Akshu and how sad she might be.

In another scene, Akshu returns home and confesses that it was her mistake for leaving the stove on. Surekha and the family blame Muskaan, but Akshu defends her and emphasizes the need to treat Muskaan with respect. The family realizes their unfair treatment and apologizes to Muskaan, acknowledging their bias.

Later, Abhi and Ruhi surprise Abhir with a "all the best" board for his first day at school. Abhir becomes happy and holds the balloons and board. They take a photo together.

In the upcoming episode, Abhir celebrates Akshu passing her exams to become a lawyer. However, Akshu waits eagerly for Abhir's return and opens her arms to embrace him.