Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th July 2023 Written Episode on

The episode starts with Manish accidentally burning the vegetables while cooking. Kairav and Suwarna enter the kitchen, and Manish and Muskaan pretend that everything is fine. Kairav asks Muskaan why she didn't go to the office, and she lies that she is still on her days off. Kairav then asks Manish to join a meeting, and they all leave the kitchen. However, Akshu, the baby, accidentally leaves the stove on and gets hurt. She thinks of Abhir and decides to go to him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Ruhi and Abhir are covering books together. Ruhi apologizes for not being able to cover all the books due to their large number. Abhir mentions his anger towards Maasa and Maasi, but Ruhi suggests they focus on the task at hand. They talk about their handwriting styles, and Abhir writes his name on his book. Akshu, still thinking about Abhir, finds his old shoes and decides to take them before he goes to school.

In the living room, Surekha notices Muskaan talking on the phone. However, no one notices that the stove is left on. Akshu realizes it's raining heavily outside and heads to the kitchen. Dadi sneezes and decides to make ginger and Tulsi tea. As she enters the kitchen, she smells gas and wonders when she had turned on the stove. She realizes her mind is not working properly due to her sneezing. Suwarna and Surekha enter the kitchen and also notice the gas smell. They see Dadi about to light a matchstick and rush to stop her, realizing that the kitchen is filled with gas.

In another scene, Manjiri is happy to see the kids, Abhir and Ruhi. Abhir gets emotional talking about Akshu. Manjiri suggests they seek the blessings of Kanha Ji before leaving. Ruhi asks Abhir to go and pray while she prays for him as well. Manjiri notices Abhir's school bag is heavy and realizes it's because of the books. She becomes angry upon seeing Abhir Abhinav Sharma written on the book label and removes the labels. Shefali tries to stop her, and Mahima gets involved in an argument with Manjiri. Mahima mentions that Abhir's father's real name is Abhimanyu Birla, not Abhinav Sharma. Akshu arrives and witnesses the heated argument. She picks up the book cover and checks the label. Aarohi also arrives, and Mahima expresses her surprise.

Akshu confronts Manjiri about her actions and argues with her. She accuses Manjiri of harboring hatred and not being able to let go of the past. Aarohi tries to intervene, but Akshu continues, stating that their hatred is affecting Abhir. She questions how Abhir would feel witnessing their animosity. Akshu emphasizes that Abhir lives with them and that should be enough. She defends Abhinav as Abhir's father and asserts that they have no right to remove him from Abhir's life.

Surekha scolds Muskaan, who breaks down in tears. Suwarna tries to calm Surekha down, and Muskaan confesses to going to the kitchen. Surekha accuses Muskaan of carelessness and blames her for the gas incident. Muskaan denies blaming Akshu, but Surekha doesn't believe her and continues to berate her.

Meanwhile, Manjiri and Akshu continue to argue. Manjiri refuses to listen, and Akshu defends herself and Abhir, stating that the court entrusted them with Abhir's well-being because they were deemed better suited to provide a happy and loving environment. Shefali tries to calm the situation, but Manjiri and Akshu both cry and argue. Akshu asserts that Abhir deserves a happy family and emphasizes that they must put their differences aside. She questions why they continue to fight when it only hurts Abhir. Akshu states that she won't allow them to exclude Abhinav from Abhir's life.


The episode ends with a preview of the next episode

showing Akshu pleading with Abhi not to keep Abhir away from them. They engage in a heated argument, and Akshu expresses her fear for her son's well-being.