Episode Update of Meet July 21, 2023!

In a gripping tale of love, secrets, and unexpected turns, Sumeet finds herself resorting to desperate measures to uncover the truth about her marriage to Shlok. With hopes of hearing Shlok acknowledge their relationship, she decides to mix alcohol into his coffee, aiming to loosen his inhibitions. However, fate has other plans as an untimely call from Poonam interrupts her scheme.

Poonam, eager to have an auspicious engagement for Shlok, reminds him to return home on time. Amidst the commotion, Shlok mentions having bought bangles for Bitti, but Sumeet cleverly uses them to coax him into drinking the spiked coffee before returning them. Anticipating that Shlok's intoxicated state may lead him to reveal the events of their marriage day, Sumeet anxiously waits for the truth to surface.

Meanwhile, Shlok's grandmother tries to convince Poonam to wait for 21 days, as Sumeet has issued a challenge that must be completed. Bitti's mother adds to the tension by showing Sumeet and Raunak's poster to the family, raising concerns about Sumeet's determination to prove her marriage. Poonam remains steadfast in her refusal to accept Sumeet as Shlok's wife.

As Shlok's revelations unfold, Sumeet hopes to hear him confess his love for her. However, he admits that he initially opposed her marriage to Raunak but left because Sumeet had compared him unfavorably to his rival in terms of wealth and status. Despite Sumeet's persistent inquiries, Shlok avoids revealing why he eventually returned and married her.

The situation becomes even more complicated when Sumeet confronts Shlok in front of a gathering, hoping for the truth to come out. However, Shlok's ramblings and strange behavior lead to embarrassment, and he vehemently denies being her husband, leaving Sumeet disheartened. She finally apologizes for spiking his coffee, which only fuels Shlok's anger as he insists that he spoke the truth.

As Sumeet tries to seek protection for her husband through a holy thread, she becomes the target of an attack and is informed that Shlok has been kidnapped. Raj, seeking revenge, takes matters into his own hands and decides to prevent Shlok's engagement.

In a race against time, Sumeet follows the last known location of Shlok and reaches Preetam Da Dhaba, where she discovers him in a perilous situation hanging above burning coal. Raunak, with his goons, inflicts torture on Shlok, revealing his sinister intentions.

As the tension escalates, Sumeet shouts Shlok's name, determined to rescue him from imminent danger.

In this gripping episode, the plot thickens, and the fate of Sumeet and Shlok hangs in the balance, leaving readers eager to know what unfolds next.