The story Udaariyaan 23rd July 2022 Written Update begins with Tejo stepping into her newly adorned room, while Fateh, standing outside the Sandhus' residence, recalls his moments with Tejo. As a sentimental song, 'Naina,' plays in the background, Tejo, looking at her reflection in the mirror, observes her vermilion and mangalsutra. She inquires Satti about the transformation of her room into a child's room and questions why everyone believes she's regained normalcy. She wants to know if she was a different person before and urges Satti to reveal the truth. Satti is on the verge of spilling the truth, but Rupy intercedes, urging Tejo to rest. Tejo further questions about Angad's whereabouts, but Rupy deflects her inquiries, advising her to rest.

Udaariyaan 23rd July 2022 Written Update

Fateh yearns for the resolution of Tejo's confusion and hopes for everything to fall into place. He also ponders Jasmine's location. Meanwhile, the Sandhus contemplate about Jasmine, who has temporarily shifted to her friend's house. They attribute this move to Tejo's misunderstanding and wish for the same to be resolved so Jasmine can return. Fateh, on the other hand, suspects that Jasmine is still conspiring against Tejo. While lost in these thoughts, he spots a child about to be hit by a car and rescues him, rebuking the driver. The commotion wakes Tejo, who, brandishing a stick, steps outside. Rupy and Satti watch her move apprehensively.

Tejo confronts Fateh, attacking him with the stick and blaming him for the death of her unborn child. Rupy and Satti intervene, asserting Fateh's innocence and encouraging Tejo to trust her father. They usher her inside, while Harman advises Fateh to leave due to the escalating tension. Rupy informs Tejo that Angad is the root cause of all their problems, and that neither Fateh nor Jasmine are guilty. He blames himself for trying to arrange her marriage with Angad, and states that it was Angad, not Fateh or Jasmine, who was responsible for the loss of Tejo's unborn child.

Despite this explanation, Tejo rejects the idea that Angad, whom she considered a friend and future husband, could be the culprit. She believes this to be a misunderstanding, but Rupy refutes this, revealing that Angad had confessed to his deeds in London. He recounts the events that unfolded there, leading Tejo to conclude that Fateh is innocent. Rupy confirms this and informs her about the death of Amrik in London. Struggling to comprehend how she could forget her own child, Tejo learns from Satti that her mental condition deteriorated after an accident and that Fateh had cared for her. Realizing the truth, Tejo breaks down in tears.

As Satti treats Fateh's injuries, she apologizes for Tejo's actions. Fateh, however, lightens the mood with a jest. Suddenly, Jasmine contacts Satti. Satti reveals that Jasmine, too, has been misunderstood by Tejo and is staying at Sweety's house. Fateh offers to speak to Jasmine and sends Satti to wash her hands. He confronts Jasmine about her delayed departure, but she insists that she lacks suitable clothes and needs more time. When Fateh denies her request and threatens to have her arrested, Jasmine remains unfazed.

In the meantime, Simran receives a call from a mysterious man inquiring about Candy. Troubled by the familiarity of the man's voice, she contacts Buzzo for advice. Buzzo, who is with Fateh, shows him on the video call and reveals that Tejo attacked him. He suggests calling the family to witness Fateh's condition, but Fateh silences him. Spotting Tejo crying in the balcony, Fateh approaches her and wipes her tears.

The episode concludes with a teaser for the next one: Gurpreet reveals to Tejo that she is married to Fateh. Tejo, in shock, removes her mangalsutra and hands it to Fateh, apologizing to him and asserting that she doesn't accept their marriage, leaving everyone in disbelief.