The narrative unfolds with Ekam preparing to leave the household. Nehmat confronts him, her surprise evident at his unexpected appearance. Despite the tension, she asserts that her bond with Alia remains unbroken. Ekam counters, revealing his need to converse with her. Nehmat's defiance is clear, as she declines to hear him out, professing her commitment to stand by his side. Unmoved, Ekam insists he won't yield to others' opinions and is determined to act in Alia's best interests. With a sense of resolve, he takes hold of her hand and leads her away.

Udaariyaan 22nd July 2023 Written Episode Update

In a surge of emotion, Ekam turns a chair into splinters, prompting Nehmat to question his actions. Ignoring her, he douses the splintered chair with ghee/oil and sets it aflame. He reassures her that his actions are solely for Alia's benefit. With Nehmat in tow, Ekam solemnly circles the burning chair. Despite Nehmat's protests, Ekam remains resolute and continues the ritual. Each round he takes symbolizes his vows to provide Alia with a loving mother. 

Simultaneously, Harleen regains consciousness in her hospital room, her thoughts consumed by Alia. While Nehmat struggles to break free from Ekam's grip, he concludes the ritual by applying sindoor - a traditional symbol of marriage - in Nehmat's forehead, effectively proclaiming them husband and wife, and together, Alia's parents. A teary-eyed Nehmat is left in shock and despair.

Back in the hospital, Harleen's amnesia compels the medical staff to identify her family through the mangalsutra she's wearing. Despite their probing, she remains clueless about her past. Filled with fury, Nehmat confronts Ekam for forcefully marrying her without her consent. Ekam retorts that he acted in his daughter's best interests, countering Nehmat's previous legal threats against him.

Soon, Renuka, Cherry, and Alia arrive at the scene. Ekam, putting on a brave front, introduces Nehmat to Alia as her mother. Despite Renuka and Cherry's shock at the abrupt marriage, Ekam takes Nehmat and Alia home.

The following morning finds Ekam confiding in Abhir about his mixed feelings concerning his actions, asserting he acted out of love for Alia. Meanwhile, Nehmat gets comforted by Rupy who comments on the uncanny turn of events - Nehmat marrying Ekam after Sartaj's departure. Abhir urges Ekam to accept the past and acknowledge Nehmat as Alia's mother, given that Harleen is no longer alive. 

Rupy similarly encourages Nehmat, reminding her of her longing to be with Alia. However, Nehmat despises the circumstances of her marriage to Ekam. Amidst their conversation, Satti points out that Harleen, despite being Ekam's wife, had been raising Nehmat's daughter until her untimely departure. Nehmat maintains that Ekam's actions were inappropriate, although Swaroop and Nimmo urge her to embrace her new role as Alia's mother.

Overwhelmed, Nehmat reunites with Alia at home, assuring her of her deep love. As Alia departs with Renuka, Harleen struggles with her amnesia, desperate to uncover her identity and recall her relationship with Alia. Meanwhile, Nehmat is greeted with a welcoming aarti plate, as she shares an emotional moment with Alia.

In the forthcoming episode, Ekam and Nehmat's housewarming event will take place, while Harleen finds herself in Moga.