In this episode, the story unfolds with Rupy urging Nehmat to consider Alia's well-being. Ekam also emphasizes how important Alia is to him. Renuka suggests that Nehmat should marry Ekam for the sake of Alia, while Rupy advises Ekam to marry Nehmat for the same reason. Nehmat is hesitant, and Ekam walks out in frustration. However, Renuka continues to push the idea, stating that Alia needs both her parents in her life.

Udaariyaan 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update

After a series of emotional discussions, Ekam and Nehmat come to a realization that Alia truly needs both motherly and fatherly love. They confess their feelings and emotions regarding Alia, acknowledging that she is their daughter. They reminisce about the moment when Ekam first held Alia, and the connection he felt with her was undeniable. Nehmat defends her decision to keep Alia hidden, and they both argue about who should have custody of their daughter.

Alia overhears their argument and becomes upset. She confronts them, expressing her desire to be with both her parents. She believes that both of them are equally important in her life. Nehmat and Ekam realize their mistake and promise not to fight again. They even entertain Alia to cheer her up and reassure her of their love.

Later, Alia asks them to promise that they will always stay with her. In a heartwarming scene, they both pledge to always be there for her, as Alia's happiness and well-being become their top priority.

In a poignant moment, a girl asks Alia if the couple are her parents, and she confidently answers, "Yes." The episode ends with Nehmat looking at Ekam, hinting at a potential positive resolution to their relationship.

The episode emphasizes the importance of putting aside personal differences for the sake of a child's happiness and highlights the power of love and understanding in creating a harmonious family dynamic.