The episode begins with Harleen accidentally colliding with Nehmat's car. Nehmat and Sartaj witness the accident and discover that their car's brakes have failed. Harleen, consumed by her desperation to reclaim Alia, shouts for them to return her daughter. Ignoring their warnings about the failed brakes, Harleen drives ahead and blocks their path. In a series of unfortunate events, Sartaj's car collides with Harleen's car, causing it to plummet off the bridge. Ekam witnesses the horrific scene and desperately calls out for Harleen. Harleen is trapped inside the car, while Nehmat and Sartaj's car dangles precariously from the bridge. Sartaj and Alia lose consciousness, leaving Nehmat in a state of panic. As Nehmat assesses the situation, she realizes the imminent danger of their car falling. She checks on Alia and manages to wake her up. Overwhelmed with fear, Alia cries while Nehmat desperately pleads for Sartaj to regain consciousness. Finally, Sartaj awakens and Nehmat implores him to look. Worried about their well-being, Ekam witnesses the second car teetering on the edge. In a frantic phone call, he urges Abhir to bring the rescue team quickly. Meanwhile, Jasmin anxiously prays for Harleen, Ekam, and Alia's safety, expressing her desire to confront Nehmat for her interference. Her concern turns into rage, vowing to harm Nehmat. Ekam urges Nehmat to reach out for his hand, and Sartaj encourages Nehmat and Alia to escape. However, Alia refuses to leave without Harleen. Realizing time is running out, Nehmat implores Alia to go with Ekam and recites the Hanuman Chalisa to comfort her.

Udaariyaan 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Ekam successfully takes Alia to safety, instructing her not to move and promising to rescue Harleen. Sartaj warns them that the car could fall at any moment. He urges Ekam to help Nehmat exit the vehicle. Nehmat insists on saving both Sartaj and Ekam, but Sartaj tells her that fate has made its decision. He tells Nehmat that she now has a reason to move forward in life and wishes her the best. With a smile on his face, Sartaj closes his eyes as the car plunges down the cliff. Shocked and devastated, the rescue team arrives at the scene. Everyone searches for Sartaj and Harleen. Nehmat embraces Alia and weeps. Alia inquires about her mother's whereabouts, and Nehmat assures her that she will be fine. Jasmin's cries for Harleen echo through the air. Ekam approaches Nehmat and assures her that everything will be alright. Alia asks for her mother, and Ekam replies that she is there. Nehmat expresses gratitude towards Sartaj for his sacrifices and pleads with them to find him. Ekam cries uncontrollably, while Jasmin overhears the conversation and is left in shock. She spots Nehmat and Alia and cries out for Harleen. The others gather around Nehmat, and Rupy asks about Sartaj and Harleen. Ekam informs them that they fell off the cliff. He embraces Rupy, overcome with grief. Swaroop remarks that everything has come to an end. Lovely comforts Jasmin, while Rupy mourns Harleen's loss.

Nehmat instructs them to take Alia home, and Swaroop urges Jasmin to return with them. However, Jasmin refuses to accept Harleen's absence and promises to bring her back. She insists on accompanying Ekam and directs her anger towards Nehmat, holding her responsible for the tragedy. A man informs them that they have only found Harleen's car, but not her body. Nehmat implores him to continue searching. As she looks at Sartaj's car, Nehmat notices a piece of cloth from Jasmin's saree stuck in the tire. Filled with anger, she utters Jasmin's name.