In the episode, tensions rise as Nehmat reveals that Alia is her biological daughter and accuses Harleen of stealing her from the hospital years ago. Ekam is shocked to learn the truth and feels betrayed by both Nehmat and Harleen. The family is divided as they grapple with the revelation, with some supporting Nehmat and others defending Harleen. Amidst the heated arguments, Alia runs to Nehmat, expressing a desire for her to stay with them.

Udaariyaan 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Nehmat reminisces about the moments she missed in Alia's life and feels a deep connection with her daughter. Meanwhile, Ekam confronts Harleen and condemns her actions, expressing his disappointment in her for deceitfully taking Alia away from her biological mother. Harleen defends herself, stating that she was afraid of losing Ekam and resorted to stealing Alia. However, Ekam refuses to accept her justification and insists that the truth should be revealed to Alia.

As the conflict escalates, Nehmat sends a legal notice for custody of Alia, further intensifying the situation. Harleen receives the notice and vows to fight back, while Ekam grapples with the difficult decision of choosing between Nehmat and Harleen for Alia's sake. The episode ends with Ekam expressing his anguish and concern, while Harleen contemplates her next move.

In the upcoming episode, Harleen hatches a plan to remove Nehmat from her path, but tragedy strikes when Nehmat meets with an accident. Ekam is left devastated and calls out Nehmat's name in distress.

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