The episode begins with Alia expressing her concern about going somewhere without her dad. Harleen assures her that he will join them soon, and they all leave. Ekam stops a nurse to have a conversation, while Harleen stops at a petrol pump and takes Alia to the washroom. Meanwhile, Sartaj asks Nehmat to refuel the car at the petrol pump. As Harleen makes Alia sit in the car, Nehmat arrives. Alia spots Nehmat and becomes excited, running towards her for a hug. Harleen is taken aback and pushes Nehmat away, scolding her. Alia gets hurt and Nehmat defends herself against Harleen's accusations.

Udaariyaan 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Sartaj intervenes, suggesting they all enjoy chocolates, cookies, and music together. Nehmat, determined to get answers, stops Harleen and confronts her about kidnapping Alia and committing the crime of swapping a baby with a deceased one. She reveals that she mourned for her own daughter for six years, while Harleen stole her child. Harleen retorts, blaming Nehmat for breaking her home and revealing that Ekam is her husband. Nehmat confirms their marriage and explains that she became pregnant with Ekam's child before he married Harleen. She clarifies that she left to ensure Harleen's happiness, not wanting any trouble in their married life. Harleen remains unforgiving, stating that she can never trust Nehmat and refuses to believe her side of the story.

Emotions run high as Harleen shares her pain of wanting a child and the fear of losing Ekam, while Nehmat insists that Alia is her daughter and she cannot give her to Harleen. Their argument escalates, leading Harleen to push Nehmat. Sartaj intervenes, holding Nehmat back and expressing his anger. Harleen rushes to the car, calling out for Alia, but Ekam arrives and stops her. Alia removes her headphones, exits the car, and embraces Ekam. Ekam suggests they go home and discuss the matter further, and they all leave, with Nehmat shouting Alia's name.

Back at home, Alia reunites with her grandmother Renuka, who hugs her tightly and sheds tears of joy. Alia plays with Tiger, their pet dog. Renuka asks Ekam if he has spoken to Harleen and found out the truth. Ekam assures her to take care of Alia while he talks to Harleen. Harleen wonders if Ekam has discovered the truth. Renuka expresses her concern about the situation, but Ekam focuses on searching for adoption papers. Harleen offers to get them, and Ekam agrees. He examines the papers and expresses his intention to visit the orphanage to determine if Alia was adopted from there or if she was stolen from the city hospital. Harleen is taken aback by his revelation. Meanwhile, Nehmat arrives at Ekam's house with Sartaj and confronts Harleen, declaring that Alia is her daughter. Everyone is shocked by her claims.