Anupama 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update

Barsatein 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update

In a heated exchange, Dimpy vehemently defends her decision to give a statement against Anupama in the media. Samar, however, urges her to acknowledge her mistake. Dimpy, seeking support, expresses her disappointment at Samar's family criticizing her, to which he responds by stating that she often makes wrong choices, and he cannot always back her up.

Unbeknownst to them, their family overhears their conversation from the living room. Leela, concerned about Dimpy's fiery temper, contemplates intervening, but Hasmukh stops her. The rest of the family chimes in, sharing their opinions on Dimpy's behavior, with Toshu labeling her as a troublemaker, and Vanraj acknowledging his own imperfections.

Meanwhile, Anupama hosts a surprise party for CA (possibly her business partner), spreading positivity and happiness. However, the mood takes a turn when the guests read a news article, seemingly about Dimpy's controversial statement. Anuj, one of the attendees, is outraged by the one-sided report and takes it up with the newspaper's editor.

Anupama, despite reading the article, decides not to question Dimpy's actions, believing that Dimpy won't understand. She distinguishes between drama and conflict, explaining that Dimpy fails to recognize this difference. Pakhi, still upset, wants to confront Dimpy, but Anupama takes responsibility, feeling guilty for breaking her teacher's trust.

Anuj tries to console Anupama, offering to compensate for any losses caused by the controversy. However, she sees herself as her gurumaa's transgressor and believes she must face the consequences. Anupama shares her deep respect for her teacher, emphasizing the significance of complete submission to a guru for gaining true knowledge. Anuj urges her not to go overboard, but Anupama remains steadfast in seeking her gurumaa's forgiveness.

While Anupama prepares to apologize to her gurumaa, Samar, Vanraj, and Toshu face a troubling situation. The authorities seal Anupama's dance academy for operating without proper legal permission, and Vanraj recalls the challenge from his guru.

At the gurukul, Anupama vows to seek forgiveness from her gurumaa, despite Nakul's concerns. Gurumaa, still upset with Anupama's past actions, plans her next move.

In the upcoming events, Anuj informs the Shah family that Anupama has gone to apologize, hoping for her gurumaa's forgiveness. Gurumaa proposes a condition for an apology, setting a challenging task for Anupama.

Precap: Gurumaa asks Anupama to dance to the song "Sheila Ki Jawani" as a condition for receiving her forgiveness.