The episode commences with Reyansh meeting Aradhna, who asks if he switched off the power. He assures her that he did it for his friend's wedding. Aradhna then expresses her intention to fetch Pooja, prompting Reyansh to question why she wants her friend at the wedding. Playfully, Aradhna falls back into Reyansh's arms, leading to a sweet moment accompanied by the song "Mere Haath Mein." Unfortunately, she sprains her foot, but Reyansh gallantly offers his help. Aradhna jokes with him and goes on her way. Later, Reyansh carries her upstairs and asks her to bring her ID cards. In a lighthearted exchange, he compliments her, saying whoever marries her will be lucky. Just then, Aradhna and Pooja return, and Reyansh asks about the people who were there earlier. They leave together.

At the same time, Bua shares that a young man proposed to her for marriage, and Sharma informs them that the girls are in the room. Reyansh then takes Aradhna and Pooja in a van, which surprises Aradhna. Pooja adds that there is nothing ordinary about this wedding. Aradhna mentions their plan to wear matching lahengas. Upon receiving a call from Vikram, Reyansh converses with him and assures that they are on their way. They eventually reach a mall to buy the bridal lehenga, and Aradhna and Pooja happily hug each other. Reyansh makes a joke, and they all go to get ready in the bridal lehengas. Reyansh urges them to hurry, knowing that their father might change their happiness into something else. As he sees Aradhna, he can't help but smile.

During their preparations, Aradhna asks Reyansh to get two sherwanis and suggests twinning with Vikram. He complies with her request and visits a beauty parlor, where she compliments him. However, he thinks he looks like a joker and suggests that Vikram would look better in such attire. Sharma confirms that the girls aren't at home, and Bua shares what Reyansh had told her. Harsh and Sharma leave to investigate further.

Aradhna and Reyansh engage in a playful argument, and he envisions Vikram and Aradhna getting married. A peculiar feeling of jealousy washes over him, leaving him perplexed. Aradhna notices him crying and asks why he's worried about Vikram, assuring him that Pooja will take good care of him. Reyansh is surprised by her statement and questions her about the first night. She clarifies that it's their personal matter, and he shouldn't judge them. He expresses his disgust at the thought, and she reminds him that he had said he was happy for their marriage, questioning why he's now being judgmental. He's perplexed about whose marriage they are discussing, to which Aradhna replies that they came to get their friends married. Confused, he looks in the direction she points and sees Vikram and Pooja.

Reyansh's misunderstanding is finally resolved when Aradhna explains that she was just giving Pooja's message to Vikram in the office, and there's nothing between them. She finds it repulsive that he assumed they were getting married. Realizing his blunder, Reyansh feels relieved and apologetic. Vikram calls out to him, and Reyansh, with a smile, assures them that they will indeed get married, playfully correcting his earlier slip-up.


The upcoming episode promises a joyful wedding celebration with all misunderstandings cleared, and Reyansh takes an active part in ensuring Vikram and Pooja's happy union.