Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update Haider attempts to greet Hamida, but she interrupts him, telling him not to feign sincerity. Although acknowledging his unworthiness of her blessing, Haider insistently seeks it, placing her hand on his head as a symbolic gesture. Hamida regards him with a sorrowful gaze. Dadi enters the scene, embracing Hamida warmly as other family members join them. 

Gulnaz, pointing out to Hina that Hamida's presence could bring discomfort to some, exchanges pleasantries with Hamida. She expresses surprise at Hamida's uncharacteristically sweet conversation. To this, Gulnaz responds that Dua's influence has made her a changed person who seeks peace, yet she highlights that some people still require lessons in manners. As she does this, Hamida directs a stern look at Gazal, shaking her head in disapproval.

Thanking Hamida for her presence, Dua inquires who had invited her. Hamida, requesting to first settle down, gets a warm hug from Hafeez who expresses his joy of seeing her. He is met with a concerned Hamida who inquires about his weight loss. Upon hearing Kaynaat's lament about Hafeez's untimely eating habits, Hamida is taken aback by her caring demeanor. Gulnaz then teases Gazal about how she must be fearful after seeing Hamida, reminiscing about a previous confrontation where Hamida had slapped Gazal.

Meanwhile, Dua stumbles upon a meal prepared in the kitchen, suspecting it to be Hina's work and wondering why Hina would have done so. 

As Hamida settles down with the family, Hafeez's comment about wishing to have been informed of her arrival is met with Hamida's jest about wanting to surprise certain individuals. Gulnaz adds humorously that no storm can stand against Hamida. When Dua brings Hamida water and inquires about her invitee, Hina reveals it was her who invited Hamida. The revelation leaves everyone astounded. 

Hina welcomes Hamida warmly, expressing gratitude for her acceptance of the invitation. She justifies her actions by explaining her intentions to mend past misunderstandings and to start anew. This leaves Gulnaz, Dadi, and Dua skeptical and curious. Hina then subtly avoids Dua's probing questions, citing Hamida's fatigue. 

Undeterred, Hamida boldly declares her persistence in making her opponents surrender. She critiques Hina's tactic of creating discord and then attempting reconciliation, promising to further discuss it later. She then surprises everyone by introducing Babban Mian, a donkey, to the family. The sight amuses Dua, while Hamida elaborates that Babban Mian, a pampered donkey, is in search of a bride. 

Gazal is visibly irritated by the unfolding scenario, while Noor greets the donkey cordially. Hina, displeased, reprimands Hamida for bringing an animal into their house, to which Hamida retorts with a cryptic warning about the lack of justice in the house. She further prophesizes Gazal's exit from the house on Babban Mian's back, leaving Hina in a state of fury.