The Clash of Artistry: Scene 1 Unraveled

Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update

In Scene 1, the atmosphere brims with excitement as Gazal announces the arrival of renowned designer Aarav Malhotra to the family. With all eyes on Aarav, Gazal extends her warm welcome and expresses her honor to work with Haider Boutique. She praises Aarav's exceptional talent in designing clothes for bridal fashion weeks and celebrities, which intrigues Haider.

However, during the conversation, it becomes evident that the boutique's former designer has left them, leaving Haider interested in seeing Aarav's designs. Aarav, confident in his work, presents his models, and Gazal and Hina are impressed with the unique and modern designs. They feel these designs could ensure their victory in the fashion industry.

Amidst the admiration, Gazal inquires whether Haider likes the designs and requests to see more of them. But, to her shock, Aarav explains that the payment made could only cover the cost of one design, leaving Gazal bewildered. This revelation leads to accusations of Gazal stealing the remaining money. Haider questions Gazal about the payment, and she insists that she had paid the entire sum.

Aarav, maintaining his professionalism, clarifies that his designs come at a higher price, and Gazal should have inquired about the costs beforehand. Gazal, feeling insulted, raises her voice, and the situation escalates. Dua, an experienced designer, intervenes to defend Haider Boutique and its designs. She confronts Aarav and exposes the actual cost of his design, denouncing the use of cheap materials.

Dua's passion for artistry shines through as she emphasizes the value of unique designs that represent the artist's soul and make people feel good about themselves. Gazal attempts to undermine Dua's knowledge and background, but Haider intervenes, praising Dua's understanding of their business model: providing high-quality designs at affordable prices, catering to a broader audience.

Ruhaan, who had been observing the entire episode, becomes angry with Aarav for insulting Gazal, who was only trying to help. Realizing the consequences of his actions, Aarav agrees to refund the money, fearing Dua's campaign to expose his unethical practices on social media.

In the end, Aarav returns the money and a travel cost amounting to 8K as a gesture of goodwill. Dua proves her worth as a diligent homemaker who keeps a watchful eye on the business affairs and saves the day, reminding everyone not to underestimate her abilities.

As the scene concludes, Gazal reflects on her actions and realizes the importance of respecting others' expertise and experiences. The clash of artistry taught everyone a valuable lesson: collaboration, understanding, and appreciating each other's strengths lead to true success in the fashion world.