Scene 1: Gazal's Demands

Gazal clenches the keys in her hand, ready to leave, but Haider intercepts her, insisting that she return the keys. Gazal argues that he had given them to her earlier. Haider clarifies that he only gave them to her as payment, but Dua will always be the rightful queen of the house, and thus the keys must be returned to her. Although Gazal is angry, she ultimately hands the keys back to Dua. Glaring at her, she refrains from snatching them away. Haider takes the keys from Gazal and asks her to leave.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update:

Afterwards, he presents the keys back to Dua, apologizing for his actions and explaining that he couldn't refuse his mother's request. Dua acknowledges the apology but shares that losing the keys means little to her since she had already lost her husband and endured a painful experience when he married someone else. She points out that Haider couldn't protect her heart that day, making material possessions insignificant. Declaring that she no longer cares about money or wealth, she leaves, leaving Haider with a heavy heart, wishing he could ease her pain.

Scene 2: Gazal's Ambition

Gazal contemplates the money she now possesses and decides to use it as a means to force Dua out of the house. However, Hina appears and reminds her that Haider worked hard for that money, urging her to handle it responsibly. Hina expresses faith in Gazal but also cautions her, mentioning past incidents where she ended up causing problems, like failed attempts at cooking. Gazal reassures Hina that she has learned about running businesses and that her modern designs will be a success. Hina prays for her success, vowing to support her despite her concerns.

Scene 3: Dua's Determination

Dua worries about Gazal's potential to ruin their family business and decides to take matters into her own hands. She starts working on embroidered designs, using her own clothes as inspiration. Meanwhile, Gazal is also hard at work researching designs and making arrangements through phone calls.

Scene 4: Family Tensions

Kaynaat expresses concern to Noor about Gazal's extravagant spending. Suspiciously, she accuses Noor of having a boyfriend, though Noor denies it, thinking to herself that Kaynaat is the one with a secret boyfriend.

Ruhaan confronts Gazal, questioning her motives for getting involved in Haider's business. Gazal explains that she is doing it for him and their shared future. She assures him that she will stop if he wishes, but Ruhaan apologizes for his doubts, admitting that he worries about losing her. Gazal refocuses on her work, brushing off his advances.

Scene 5: Business Troubles

Haider reprimands Ravi for the failed designs, which were rejected due to Dua's absence from the negotiations. Dua overhears this and feels guilty. Haider apologizes to Ravi, acknowledging that they can't replace the talent they have lost but must carry on. Gazal interrupts, claiming that she will now run the business and demands respect as Haider's sister-in-law. Ravi corrects her, saying she isn't part of the family yet, but Gazal insists she will take charge. Dadi expresses concern, predicting doom for the family business. Gazal announces that she has already found new designs, including international ones from a designer named Mr. Aarav Malhotra.

The scene ends with the arrival of Mr. Aarav Malhotra, leaving everyone in anticipation of what is to come.