Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:

As the family gathers, Haider excitedly shares news about an upcoming bridal collection submission that could lead to hosting the final bridal fashion week. Hina acknowledges the opportunity, while Haider informs Dua that her responsibilities will increase, requiring her input and ideas. He emphasizes the importance of winning to secure their future prospects. Gazal, feeling left out, offers to take on some responsibilities, but Haider firmly declines, not wanting any drama in his business.

Despite Gazal's insistence, Haider remains resolute in not involving her. However, when Dua expresses her decision to decline the opportunity, everyone is shocked. Haider, confused, questions her refusal, reminding her that their boutique was their shared dream. Dua responds with her disappointment in Haider's lack of loyalty and commitment to their relationship, leaving their dreams shattered.

As Haider pleads with Dua not to reject the work, she stands firm, feeling that her trust has been broken. Dadi wonders why Dua is saying no. Hina discourages Haider from begging, claiming they don't need Dua's help. Despite her hesitation, Haider implores Dua not to let their business suffer and begs her to reconsider.

Dua is torn between her emotions and the need to be strong. She finally agrees to help, but with a condition – Gazal must beg for her help alone. Dua insists on having a heart-to-heart conversation with Gazal before deciding whether to assist the business or not. Gazal, fearful of the consequences, hesitates, but Dua stands her ground, refusing to budge until Gazal complies.

Dua confides in Dadi, revealing her plan to trap Gazal into confessing her deception to Ruhaan. She is determined to make Gazal face reality. Gazal enters the room, and Dadi leaves them alone. Gazal, irritated by Dua's drama, questions her intentions. Dua reminds Gazal of Haider's anger towards her and threatens that his opinion of her will only worsen if she fails to convince Dua to help.

Dua demands that Gazal confess her crimes to Ruhaan, in return for her cooperation. Gazal resists, but Dua warns her of Haider's potential wrath and even his threats to throw her out of their lives. Unwilling to back down, Gazal remains stubborn, prompting Dua to criticize her shamelessness and lies. Dua makes it clear that unless Gazal reveals the truth to Ruhaan, she won't extend any help to Haider.

With Gazal stuck in a difficult situation, she contemplates her next move, realizing that the truth could spell trouble for her with Ruhaan. As tensions rise, the fate of their business, relationships, and Ruhaan's knowledge of the truth hangs precariously in the balance.