In the first scene, Gazal confesses to Haider and Dua that she was the one who stole the money. Ruhaan overhears and believes she did it to protect him. Haider confronts Gazal, expressing his disappointment that she accused Dua and Hafeez. He threatens to reveal the truth to Hina. However, Gazal pleads with him not to tell Hina, fearing she would turn against her. Gazal tries to explain her actions, stating that she felt neglected and took the money out of frustration. Dua insists that Gazal must face the consequences for her crime, but Gazal requests Haider's understanding, highlighting her impoverished background and the need to clean and repair her deceased parents' graves. Haider decides not to shame Gazal, acknowledging her desperate circumstances. Dua wants to expose Gazal, but Haider stops her, emphasizing that Gazal's intentions were rooted in her parents' welfare. Despite Dua's protests, Haider asserts that Gazal is his responsibility and forgives her, reminding her to communicate her needs in the future. Gazal smirks at Dua and leaves, while Dua locks Haider out of her room, angry with him.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Gazal calls Ajaz and expresses her fear that Dua might hinder their plans to use Ruhaan against her. Ajaz reassures her, assuring that everything will proceed as planned.

Later, Hafeez meets Kaynaat at night, and they discuss their upcoming marriage. Hafeez promises to take care of Kaynaat and fulfill her wishes. They are interrupted by someone approaching, causing Hafeez to flee. Kaynaat returns to her room, where Noor is sleeping. Noor wakes up and realizes that Hafeez and Kaynaat are in a relationship, feeling left out as the only single one. She dreams about Ajaz and sends him a message, unaware that she is falling into his trap. Ajaz laughs upon receiving her message and informs Gazal.

Ruhaan expresses gratitude to Gazal for saving him, stating that nobody can love him as she does. He tries to hug her, but Gazal pushes him away and questions why he needed the money. Ruhaan reveals that he needed it to ensure the deaths of their enemies. Gazal smirks in response.

Dua sits alone, reflecting on Ruhaan's anger and Gazal's manipulation. She realizes that Gazal has once again deceived Haider, and wonders how she can save Ruhaan.

Gazal asks Ruhaan about his plans, and he assures her that their enemies will soon be destroyed, bringing them closer together. Gazal smirks, contemplating how Ruhaan will eliminate Dua and then go to jail, leaving Haider free for her to claim.