Scene 1:

Gazal, determined to safeguard their mission, discusses with Ajaz the need to deal with Ruhaan before he can jeopardize their plans. Ajaz hands her a gun, and Gazal reveals her intention for Ruhaan to end up in jail after attempting to kill Dua. She believes that this will lead to her being with Haider forever. Ajaz is instructed to give the gun to Ruhaan while they prepare for Dua's demise.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

As Gazal returns to her room, she expresses her anticipation for the happiness that awaits her. Gazal believes that once Dua is gone and Ruhaan is imprisoned, she will have Haider all to herself. However, Dua interrupts her thoughts, wearing a smirk. Dua notices Gazal's glow and questions her about the reason behind it. Gazal dismisses Dua's curiosity, stating that it doesn't concern her.

Unfazed by Gazal's attempt to avoid the conversation, Dua confronts her, revealing that she knows Gazal is manipulating Ruhaan once again. Dua accuses Gazal of being heartless, causing Ruhaan to turn against Haider and sowing discord among the brothers. Dua warns Gazal that unless she tells Ruhaan the truth – that she doesn't love him and is only using him for personal gain – she will face dire consequences. Dua even threatens to kill Gazal.

In response, Gazal forcefully pushes Dua away and bursts into laughter. She confidently proclaims that she would never expose herself to Ruhaan. Gazal admits to using Ruhaan and asserts that Dua is powerless to stop her. Gazal has already set Ruhaan on a path that serves her own interests. She plans to manipulate Ruhaan to make Haider fall in love with her. Dua, determined to expose Gazal, threatens to tell Haider the truth and have her thrown out of the house.

Gazal's laughter continues as she mocks Dua, claiming that Haider would never believe her, just as he has never believed her in the past. Gazal challenges Dua to try and convince Haider and Ruhaan, confident that they will never turn against her. Before leaving, Gazal warns Dua that she will soon be evicted from the house and advises her to start packing. Dua contemplates her next move, considering the possibility of robbery as she recalls finding Ruhaan in her room

Realizing that Ruhaan may be Gazal's pawn, Dua ponders why he would steal the money. She connects the dots, suspecting that Gazal wants Ruhaan to commit a robbery. Dua decides that she will inform Haider about Ruhaan stealing the money, hoping that Haider will confront Ruhaan and ultimately expose Gazal's true intentions.

Dua seeks out Haider and urges him to wake up, needing to talk to him about something important. Haider, still half-asleep, expresses his delight at seeing Dua and attempts to get closer to her. However, Dua stops him, reminding him that they need to discuss a serious matter. Haider expresses his longing for her and playfully teases her. Dua interrupts his playful banter, bringing up the issue of the stolen money.

Unbeknownst to Dua and Haider, Ruhaan hides nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation. Ruhaan realizes that if Haider discovers his involvement in the theft, it could jeopardize his mission. Just as Ruhaan contemplates his predicament, Gazal arrives and questions him about his confrontation with Dua. Ruhaan admits to stealing the money, leaving Gazal concerned about the potential consequences. Gazal emphasizes that Dua's suspicions will only increase, and Haider might expose Ruhaan. Worried, Ruhaan asks Gazal what he should do. Gazal assures him not to worry, claiming she would do anything for her love.

Gazal approaches Haider and Dua, confessing that she knows who stole the money. Haider looks on in anticipation, waiting for Gazal's revelation. Dua, intrigued, asks her to disclose the identity of the thief. Gazal boldly declares that she was the one who stole the money. Ruhaan, shocked by her confession, listens intently.