Gazal attempts to bandage Ruhaan's wound, but he pushes her away, causing her to fall. Ruhaan accuses Gazal of pretending to love him while secretly showering her affection on Haider. Gazal denies these accusations and reveals that Haider kidnapped her and forced her into marriage. She explains that her actions were driven by a desire to make Dua and Haider feel the pain they caused her. Ruhaan realizes that Dua was hurt by Gazal's actions and attempts to apologize, but Gazal expresses her despair and suggests that she should die. However, Ruhaan embraces her and apologizes for hurting her.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Haider playfully teases Dua about their relationship and tries to pull her closer, but she resists, stating that things can't go back to how they were before. Dua threatens Haider with a vase, and he playfully runs away. Ruhaan arrives, concealing his bandaged hand, and assures Dua that he is fine. Suspicious of Gazal's behavior, Dua notices blood stains on her dress and questions her. Gazal becomes defensive and refuses to answer, leaving Dua perplexed. Dua begins to suspect that Ruhaan and Gazal might be working together.

Ajaz approaches Noor and expresses his desire to be friends. Noor initially brushes him off, but Ajaz compliments her and leaves her blushing.

Feeling unsettled by Ruhaan's behavior, Dua contemplates discussing her concerns with Haider but decides against it to avoid further conflicts. Gulnaz, Dua's mother, enters the room and notices Dua's tears. Dua shares her worries about Ruhaan's strange behavior with Gulnaz, who offers her support and blessings. Dua realizes she needs to be certain before sharing her suspicions with others and considers seeking advice from someone else.

The episode concludes with Dua pondering her next steps in figuring out the truth about Ruhaan and Gazal's alliance.