Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update Gazal finds herself tied to a chair while Ruhaan and Dua laugh at her. Dua informs Gazal that it's time for them to seek revenge. She places a watermelon on Gazal's head, and Ruhaan points a gun at her, pretending to shoot. Gazal pleads for forgiveness, and Dua places an apple on her head for another mock shooting. They continue to mock and laugh at her. Dua suggests that maybe Gazal should apologize for her crimes and places a grape on her head, preparing for another fake shot. However, it turns out to be Gazal's dream. She wakes up and goes to Ruhaan's room, only to find his hand bleeding. Ruhaan is filled with anger as he recalls Gazal's intimacy with Haider. Gazal wonders what she should do as she fears that he might end up harming her.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Haider confronts Hafeez and asks him if he truly loves Kaynaat. Dua intervenes, asking Haider not to scold Hafeez and revealing that he genuinely loves Kaynaat. Haider pushes Dua aside and glares at Hafeez. Kaynaat arrives and is shocked to see the tense atmosphere. Haider questions Hafeez about his love for Kaynaat, leaving him frightened. Hafeez confesses his love for Kaynaat, stating that they cannot live without each other. Haider becomes angry and raises his hand, but Kaynaat stops him and pleads for Hafeez's safety, insisting that he is innocent. Hafeez states that Haider can punish him if he wishes, but he and Kaynaat love each other deeply. Kaynaat implores Haider to refrain from taking any action against Hafeez. Haider, restraining himself, blesses Kaynaat by placing his hand on her head. He assures her that he only wants her happiness and prays for both of them. Haider expresses his acceptance of their love and advises Kaynaat not to fear. He acknowledges that love sometimes requires sacrifice, highlighting his own pursuit of Dua. Haider smiles at Dua and embraces Kaynaat, expressing his joy for her. He adds that Dua's family is respected and esteemed, emphasizing that Hafeez will be a good life partner for Kaynaat. Haider acknowledges the sacrifices Dua has made for their family and hopes that Kaynaat will reciprocate by bringing honor to Hamida's family. He advises Hafeez not to hurt Dua and hugs him, urging him not to be afraid. Hafeez admits his fear of Haider's anger and explains why he didn't want his room to be searched and his love for Kaynaat to be discovered. Haider assures Hafeez that he sensed his stress and therefore prevented the search, understanding the meaning of love and the need to protect it. He embraces both Kaynaat and Hafeez, and Dua becomes emotional witnessing the scene. Haider grabs Dua's hand tightly, but she moves away, hurting him with her actions.