Bala's Revelation Sparks Controversy: Shlok's Mysterious Marriage Unveiled

Meet 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update

In the latest episode of the show, Bala makes a shocking revelation, claiming that Shlok is the person whose hand he tattooed. However, he later changes his statement, insisting that Sumeet saved his life, leading him to reveal the truth. Adding to the suspense, Raj arrives with CCTV footage showing Shlok's face during the wedding, leaving both Shlok and Raunak in utter shock. Despite the evidence, Shlok vehemently denies getting the tattoo or marrying Sumeet, fueling the ongoing mystery.

Things take an unexpected turn when Shagun enters the scene, accusing Raj of manipulating evidence using his wealth. She presents a recording of Raj allegedly bribing Bala to falsely implicate Shlok. As tensions escalate, Sumeet tries to reason with Shlok, but he reacts with anger and denies any association with her. Poonam also pleads with Sumeet to stay away from Shlok and their home.

Back at home, Poonam prays for Shlok to find a life partner who understands him and seeks to restore their family's respect. Sumeet feels humiliated and defeated due to Raj's actions but remains determined to prove her truth.

As the situation intensifies, Sumeet faces public mockery and harassment. However, she stands strong and gets an idea to make Shlok speak the truth after consuming alcohol. Later, Vani tries to reason with Raj, urging him to let Sumeet stay with Shagun, who she believes has changed for the better. However, Raj remains firm in his decision and plans to bring Sumeet back to the Ahlawat mansion.

Sumeet takes a bold step and asks Shlok to meet her at their favorite spot. She secretly adds alcohol to his drink, hoping he will confess the truth about their marriage. The episode ends with Shlok intoxicated, expressing his love for Sumeet in front of everyone. However, the situation takes a dark turn as someone attacks Shlok, leaving Sumeet worried about his safety.

Stay tuned for more thrilling twists and revelations as the mystery behind Shlok's marriage unfolds in the upcoming episodes.