In this dramatic and emotional episode, the family rushes to the hospital to check on Sumeet, who had previously spoken about proving her marriage. Poonam remembers slapping Sumeet and doubting her character, feeling guilty for her actions. Sumeet reassures everyone that she's fine and explains that she donated blood to a patient in need, as their blood groups matched. Raj, feeling remorseful for his harsh words, leaves without meeting her.

Meet 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Shlok expresses his belief in Sumeet's strength and resilience, as she was raised by Raj to be a fighter. However, Raunak questions Shlok's intentions and warns him to stay away from Sumeet. He accuses Shlok of failing to take care of her and should have informed Raunak instead. Sumeet loses her temper and slaps Raunak, revealing that he had tried to touch her inappropriately. Shlok stands by Sumeet's side and scolds his family for spreading false rumors and doubting her character.

The doctor informs them that the patient who received Sumeet's blood is a tattoo artist named Bala. Shagun becomes anxious upon hearing this news. Sumeet hopes that Bala will regain consciousness and reveal the truth about her marriage with Shlok. She urges Poonam to listen to him once to know the truth.

Raunak assures Shagun that Bala cannot harm their plans, but she worries that Sumeet might be telling the truth, and if Bala speaks up, their secret might be exposed.

Later, Shagun disguises herself as a nurse and plans to bribe Bala to manipulate his statement. Sumeet sees Raj, and despite her efforts to reconnect through a childhood song, he remains distant and cold towards her.

Sumeet is determined to prove her honesty and waits anxiously for Bala to regain consciousness. Shagun tries to interfere with the truth coming out but is stopped by Sumeet's quick thinking. When Bala wakes up, he reveals that a man wearing a sherwani with a mole on his palm came to him for a tattoo, pointing directly at Shlok, leaving everyone stunned.

Shlok refutes Bala's statement, but Raj arrives with evidence from CCTV footage showing Sumeet telling the truth. Shagun dismisses the evidence, claiming Raj manipulated the photos with money. Despite the turmoil, Sumeet intervenes, preventing Shlok from leaving, and warns him not to shout at her if he claims they are not married.

The episode ends with uncertainty, as the truth hangs in the balance, and Sumeet's determination to reveal the truth becomes the focal point of the unfolding drama.