In the midst of turmoil and deception, Sumeet seeks to unravel the truth behind her marriage. Her determination leads her to the tattoo artist, hoping to extract the information she needs quickly. However, the artist reacts aggressively, pushing her away and fleeing the scene.

Meet 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Shlok confides in Sarthak about Sumeet's relentless pursuit of something related to their marriage. While going through the marriage album, he stumbles upon a photo that reveals the groom's feet. This discovery ignites curiosity in Shlok's mind.

Undeterred by the tattoo artist's behavior, Sumeet confronts him once again, aware that he received payment to keep silent. Disappointed with the artist's evasiveness, she decides not to waste any more time on him and leaves.

Shlok's thoughts drift back to a childhood incident where Raunak supposedly injured his feet, leaving a mark. However, upon closer examination of a photograph, Shlok notices the absence of any such mark. This revelation prompts Shlok to question Raunak, feeling that their marriage has become a farce.

In a twist of events, Sumeet manages to trap the tattoo artist, cornering him into confessing the truth about the hurriedly-made tattoo on a Saturday, worn by someone in a sherwani. Determined to seek justice, Sumeet convinces the artist to accompany her and confess to her family.

As Shlok confronts Raunak about the missing mark on his feet, Raunak denies any knowledge, sparking a heated argument. Abhay intervenes, and Shlok insists on seeing the mark, only to be shocked when there isn't one. Shagun then reveals Raunak's cosmetic surgery to remove the mark, manipulating Shlok and sowing seeds of doubt about Sumeet and her family. Filled with remorse for not trusting Sumeet, Shlok apologizes, but little does he know that Raunak's deception runs deeper.

Sumeet arrives with the tattoo artist, ready to reveal the truth about the tattoo on Shlok's hand to his family. However, her efforts are met with resistance, as Poonam dismisses the artist and slaps Sumeet, presenting pregnancy reports as evidence against her. Denying the accusations, Sumeet's distress deepens when Bitti accuses her of deceit, using her blood sample as proof. Sumeet firmly defends her character, asserting her right not to be questioned.

Facing mounting pressure, Poonam decides to expel Sumeet from the house, leading to her departure. In the midst of the chaos, Raj is informed of the situation, prompting Pankhuri to call and update him.

Sensing an opportunity amidst the chaos, Shagun advises Raunak to exploit the situation further, as doubts about Sumeet's character plague everyone's minds. However, Shlok refuses to entertain any suspicion, tearing up the pregnancy reports and affirming his unwavering trust in Sumeet, no matter the circumstances. Tempers flare as Raj arrives and engages in a physical altercation with Shlok. Just then, a critical call from the hospital interrupts the confrontation, informing Raunak of Sumeet's attempt to take her own life, leaving her unconscious and in dire condition.

In the face of uncertainty and a troubled journey, Sumeet's fate hangs in the balance as the truth behind her marriage and her well-being become paramount concerns for those entangled in this intricate web of deceit and emotions.