Meet 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update

In a whirlwind of emotions and tangled relationships, a dramatic incident unfolded during the sacred ritual as Vani beseeched Raunak to complete the ritual, unveiling Sumeet. However, Sumeet had other plans and cunningly created a barrier of nails, the "Lakshman Rekha," warning Raunak not to cross it. Vani expressed disappointment in Sumeet, believing her actions were influenced by Raj's affection.

Undeterred, Sumeet grasped a hammer and firmly asserted that only her husband, Shlok, had the right to unveil her. The media quickly caught wind of the disrupted ceremony and placed the blame on Wonderboy, causing a public outcry.

Shagun offered counsel to Raunak, urging him not to push Sumeet further away and risk losing her to Shlok. To protect Sumeet's dignity, Raunak pretended to defend her as his wife. Shagun suggested giving them space to resolve their differences, and everyone left, leaving Sumeet alone with Raunak.

Feeling abandoned, Sumeet pleaded with them not to leave her with Raunak, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Raunak, determined to teach Sumeet a lesson, vowed to cross all boundaries and inflict harm upon her.

Meanwhile, Shlok recalled Sumeet's words, insisting that he be the one to unveil her. A concerned customer showed Shlok a video of Sumeet using nails to secure her veil during the ceremony. Alarmed, Shlok hurried home to protect his wife.

As Raunak advanced towards Sumeet, preventing her from leaving and manhandling her, Shlok burst in, enraged by Raunak's inappropriate actions. He defended Sumeet fiercely, warning Raunak to leave and threatening to expose Wonderboy's true nature.

Desperate to protect herself, Sumeet sought solace in Shlok's embrace, but he pushed her away. Concerned for her safety, he decided to remove her veil himself, not realizing that this moment would be witnessed by the family and guests at the gate.

The observant Dadi remarked that Sumeet succeeded in unveiling Shlok, causing a stir among the onlookers. Poonam revealed Sumeet's pregnancy to Shagun, who remained silent, devising a plan to exploit the situation to her advantage.

Despite the trials she faced, Sumeet was determined not to leave Raunak until she proved her marriage with Shlok. He questioned her motives, wondering why she was punishing herself and being unfairly labeled as a cheater.

In a desperate attempt to establish the truth, Sumeet took matters into her own hands, writing her intentions on the wall for all to see. Shlok's frustration led to an argument, where he urged her to let go of her stubbornness.

However, Sumeet noticed a tattoo on a groom's hand, triggering a revelation. She asked Shlok to show his hand, as she recalled seeing the same tattoo on her supposed groom during the marriage ceremony. Shlok insisted that he was at the office on that day, but Sumeet remained unconvinced, vowing to find evidence soon.

Determined to clear her name, Sumeet embarked on a quest to find the tattoo artist who could recreate the mark in question. After a search, she located the artist but encountered resistance when questioning him about the tattoo's origin.

As the tale unfolds, the truth seems elusive, and Sumeet finds herself trapped in a web of secrets and lies. With the PreCap hinting at her confrontational encounter with the tattoo artist, the suspense and intrigue continue to build, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this riveting saga of love, honor, and deception.