In a series of amusing events at Sumeet's muh dikhai ceremony, misunderstandings take center stage, leading to a chain of comical incidents. It all begins when Sumeet notices a jar of pickles and decides to indulge in them, despite her caretaker Raj's previous warnings about pickles causing a sore throat. Bitti, Sumeet's acquaintance, believes that if Sumeet is pregnant, she won't be able to resist eating pickles. Little does she know that Sumeet's pickle craving has nothing to do with pregnancy.

Meet 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

As Sumeet insists on washing the dishes herself and demonstrates how impeccably clean they are, she finally gives in to her pickle temptation. However, Bitti misinterprets the situation and hastily concludes that Sumeet must be pregnant because of her fondness for pickles. Eager to expose what she believes to be Sumeet's lie, Bitti seeks the help of her friend Poonam.

Together, Bitti and Poonam concoct a plan to trick Sumeet into picking up a holy thread, believing it to be a customary practice for pregnant women. They hide, anticipating Sumeet's reaction. After praying to God and performing other rituals, Sumeet unknowingly leaves without picking up the thread. Meanwhile, Pankhuri, another member of the household, instructs Sumeet to get ready for her muh dikhai ritual.

As Sumeet sees her husband, Shlok, preparing to leave for work, she takes his lunchbox, leading to a heated argument between them. Despite Sumeet's efforts to prevent him from leaving, Shlok departs, leaving her upset and frustrated. Vani, a family member, advises Raunak, another member, to attend the muh dikhai ritual, and Shagun suggests that Vani convince Sumeet to participate as well.

Recalling Bitti's earlier words about the holy thread, Sumeet decides to keep it for Vani. However, Poonam and Bitti observe Sumeet taking the thread and mistakenly assume that she is genuinely pregnant and attempting to trap Shlok. Poonam becomes determined to make Sumeet leave the house. Meanwhile, shopkeepers request payment from Pankhuri for a dress she took, but Raj, another character, intervenes and covers the cost. Raj then offers Pankhuri a job as his secretary, which she accepts. Raj's plan is to keep an eye on Shlok through Pankhuri and prove to Sumeet that he is selfish and incapable of caring for her.

As the muh dikhai ceremony is arranged, Poonam assures Shagun that Sumeet will come to her house accompanied by her. Vani inquires about Sumeet's whereabouts, and Pankhuri informs her that she is getting ready in her room. However, Bitti interrupts Sumeet while she is applying sindoor, claiming that only she has the right to do so. A struggle ensues, resulting in Sumeet accidentally getting injured by scissors wielded by Bitti. Bitti then takes the bloodied scissors to Poonam, suggesting they can use it to determine if Sumeet is pregnant.

Vani provides first aid to Sumeet's hand. In a moment of confusion, Sumeet asks Vani if she believes that she is married to Shlok, but Vani insists she should believe Sumeet is married to Raunak. During the muh dikhai ritual, Vani asks Raunak to remove Sumeet's veil and complete the ceremony. However, Sumeet intervenes, insisting that only her husband should unveil her. She rushes behind Shlok to prevent him from doing so, but he denies her participation in the ritual altogether. The episode concludes with Sumeet pledging not to remove her veil unless Shlok does it himself.

As a preview of what's to come, Raunak's inappropriate behavior during the muh dikhai ceremony provokes Shlok to step in and protect Sumeet. Poonam reveals to Shagun that Sumeet is indeed pregnant, further complicating the already convoluted web of misunderstandings.

The comedic twists and turns at Sumeet's muh dikhai ceremony promise an entertaining continuation of the story, leaving the audience eager to discover how the characters navigate their tangled relationships and unravel the truth.