In a recent turn of events, Sumeet found herself confronting the overzealous fans of Wonderboy, defending her marriage to Shlok. Determined to prove her love and commitment to Shlok, she fearlessly addressed the media, declaring that she would provide evidence of their marriage within a few days. However, instead of support, Sumeet faced accusations from the fans, labeling her a cheater and blaming her for breaking Raunak's heart.

Undeterred by the backlash, Sumeet stood her ground, asserting that she had made her own choices in life and knew without a doubt that she had married Shlok. She sternly warned the fans against attacking Shlok or his family without going through her first. Sumeet's unwavering stance moved Shlok, who was deeply touched by her words.

Meanwhile, Bitti, sensing an underlying tension, became curious about the situation. To Sumeet's dismay, the fans insulted her further by burning her photo and accusing her of being unfaithful. Fueling the fire, they urged others to share this on social media. Despite the mounting pressure, Sumeet maintained her innocence, refusing to succumb to the accusations.

To protect Sumeet from the escalating situation, Shlok took her inside their house and asked his family members to retire to their rooms. Reflecting on Sumeet's defense of him, Shlok's sister informed him that Sumeet had become a trending topic on social media. Overwhelmed by gratitude, Shlok desired to tend to Sumeet's wounds, but in his sister's absence, Poonam stepped forward to take care of her. Sumeet looked at Poonam with admiration as she witnessed the care and concern Poonam showed her. However, Poonam sternly warned Sumeet that if anything happened to Shlok because of her, forgiveness would be hard to find.

In the midst of the chaos, Poonam questioned Sumeet about her longing gaze, and Sumeet explained that she had been deprived of motherly affection for a long time. However, Poonam denied being her mother. Meanwhile, Dadi requested Shlok to buy clothes for Sumeet, leading him to encounter Raj on his way. Raj suggested that Shlok publicly accept his marriage to Sumeet in order to shield her from blame, with the option to separate later on.

Meet 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Shlok's anger surged, prompting him to abruptly stop the car. He vehemently rejected Raj's suggestion, emphasizing that marriage was not something to be taken lightly, and he refused to compromise on it. Filled with mixed emotions, Sumeet explored Shlok's room and was astonished to hear Masoom's voice. Masoom had brought expensive gifts and an entire wardrobe for Sumeet, causing Pankhuri to inform Shagun about it. Upon his return from the market, Shlok recollected Sumeet's comments about Raunak's wealth and questioned her about her ability to survive without such luxuries. Sumeet denied any desire for material possessions and defended herself, asserting that her birth into a wealthy family was not her fault.

Masoom clarified that the gifts were intended for everyone's use, not just Sumeet's. However, this only served to fuel Shlok's anger further. He insisted that Sumeet stay with him for 21 days but refrained from using any of the items. Sumeet, feeling isolated, ate her breakfast alone, observing Shlok's affectionate mealtime interactions with his family, which only deepened her sadness.

Misunderstandings arose when Poonam mistakenly assumed Sumeet's vomiting was a sign of pregnancy and shared her suspicion with Bitti. The two conspired to confirm this possibility. In another tense moment, Sumeet requested Shlok to apply sindoor on her forehead, symbolizing their marital bond. However, Shlok, still refusing to accept the marriage, denied her request. Sumeet confronted him about the closure of Sarthak's shop on Saturday, accusing him of lying. Challenging Shlok to prove the truth, she defiantly applied sindoor to her forehead.

As the story unfolds, the next episode features a lady urging Raunak to initiate the "mooh dikhae" ceremony. Determined to uphold the sanctity of their relationship, Sumeet insists that only her husband, Shlok, should partake in the ritual with her. As the tension reaches its peak, Sumeet firmly announces that if Shlok refuses to participate, she will forever keep her veil on, symbolizing her commitment. With all eyes on them, she anchors her veil to the ground, leaving everyone in suspense about the outcome of this dramatic moment.