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 Shagun confronts Sumeet and gives her an ultimatum. She tells Sumeet that if she fails to prove her marriage with Shlok within 21 days, she must accept Raunak as her husband and return to Shagun. However, Sumeet remains firm in her belief that her marriage with Shlok is already blessed by God. Even if she cannot prove it, she refuses to accept Raunak as her husband. Sumeet asserts that she will make her own decisions and will not succumb to any foolish challenges. Poonam interrupts their conversation and challenges Sumeet to prove her marriage within 21 days. She adds that if Sumeet fails, she will marry Shlok and Bitti the next day.

Sumeet pleads with Shlok to accept their marriage, but Shlok remains determined, stating that his mother's choice is final. Raj urges Sumeet to come home with him, but she insists on staying with Shlok. Raj takes her hand and leads her towards the door, but Sumeet stops him. She expresses her desire to fight this battle alone and accept the outcome, whether it be victory or defeat. Raj asks her to choose between him and her decision. Sumeet cries but pulls her hand away from Raj's grip. Raj recalls the promise he made to Meet, vowing to never let go of her hand. The promise continues to resonate with him.

Sumeet visits a temple and lights two continuous flames. She explains that one flame symbolizes the vows she made with Shlok on their wedding day, while the other flame represents her determination to accept the challenge of proving her marriage with Shlok within 21 days. Raj tells Sumeet that she is now responsible for her new relationship, but their old sibling relationship has come to an end. He walks away, and Shagun taunts Sumeet for being rejected by Shlok and abandoned by Raj.

Meanwhile, Shlok's family members discuss Sumeet, and Poonam wonders what they expect from her. Vani watches a video on her phone showing Raunak attempting suicide and panics. Abhay breaks down the door, and Shagun asks him to do something as they find Raunak lying there with an injured hand. Shlok comes to wake up Sumeet for a bath and finds her sleeping. He thinks she looks adorable and wakes her up, reminding her to go to the bathroom as the water will be available soon. Sumeet misses Raj but remains determined not to speak to him since he ended their relationship.

Shlok and Sumeet are enjoying their time together when they suddenly hear a mob outside, throwing stones at Shlok's house. Media reporters blame Sumeet for breaking Wonder Boy's heart and leaving with Shlok. They shout that Raunak is fighting for his life. Shlok tries to calm down the mob. After the doctor leaves, Shagun tells Raunak to stop pretending. He accuses Sumeet of having crazy supporters who made Vani sympathetic towards him. Poonam scolds Sumeet for causing trouble for Shlok. Sumeet gets hit by a rock while protecting Shlok. She lights a lamp at the front of the house, dispersing the crowd.

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Sumeet is determined to find evidence within 21 days to prove Shlok's presence at the wedding mandap. She realizes that she needs to find the Saturday bill from Sarthak Jiju's shop, as they got married on a Saturday. Sumeet confronts Shlok about his lie and tells him that she will bring out the truth the next day, asking him to apply sindoor (vermilion) on her forehead.