Shlok guides Sumeet to his room and helps her lie down on the bed. He notices that she is trembling and wet, so he hands her a towel to dry herself. Despite his assistance, Sumeet continues to tremble, and Shlok assists in drying her off while she gazes at him. He removes her accessories and offers her warm milk to help her feel better. Angrily, Shlok demands the truth from her. They engage in a heated argument, with Sumeet blaming Shlok for breaking her heart by rejecting their marriage. Shlok insists that she accept the reality instead.

Meet 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Raj reviews the CCTV footage and discovers that the bike Sumeet used belongs to Shlok. Misunderstanding the situation, he believes that Shlok intentionally eloped with Sumeet. Filled with anger, Raj decides to harm Shlok if he comes near Sumeet. Shlok warns Sumeet that Raj poses a threat to his family's safety.

Sumeet questions if Shlok is backing out of their marriage because of Raj's influence, and suggests that she will speak to Raj herself. Suddenly, she notices a lizard and starts screaming, claiming to be allergic to it. She jumps onto the bed in fear, and Shlok tries to persuade her to come down so they can talk. Sumeet expresses her surprise at seeing him at the wedding altar.

As Sumeet refuses to come down from the bed, Shlok decides to climb up as well. The argument continues, and the bed eventually breaks, causing both of them to fall together. Hearing the noise, Poonam arrives, and Shlok chases after her. Poonam asks Shlok if he actually married Sumeet and demands the truth, swearing on herself and threatening to give up food and water if he lies.

Sumeet believes that Shlok won't lie now and will admit to their marriage. However, Shlok denies having married Sumeet, shattering her heart. Poonam becomes relieved and instructs Shlok to inform the police in advance so that Raj cannot blame their family.

Raj arrives at Shlok's house with the police, bursting in with anger. He asks the inspector to arrest Shlok for tricking Sumeet into running away. Poonam argues that Sumeet is the one causing trouble by pressuring Shlok to accept the marriage. Poonam tightly holds Sumeet's hand, angering Raj, who forcefully separates them. In his anger, Raj smashes a vase, and Sumeet tries to calm him down, insisting that Shlok is innocent. Raj insists on Shlok's arrest, but Sumeet proclaims that he won't be taken anywhere as he is her husband.

Sumeet explains that the matter concerns her self-respect and Shlok's upbringing. Unless she proves their marriage, she won't leave. Shlok suggests that Raj take Sumeet home, but she asserts that her in-laws' place is her home after marriage, and it is her right to stay there. She prevents Raj from disrespecting Shlok's family, further upsetting him. Sumeet demands 21 days from everyone to prove that she is married to Shlok. Shagun arrives with Raunak and supports Sumeet's request for 21 days. Raunak adds that if she fails to prove it within that time, she should accept him as her husband.

In the precap, Sumeet lights a diya and makes a promise in front of everyone that she will prove within the next 21 days that she is married to Shlok. Raj informs Sumeet that she can go and be with her new family because he is no longer her brother. Shagun quietly remarks to herself that Shlok is unwilling to accept Sumeet as his wife, and even his brother has abandoned her.