Kundali Bhagya Episode Highlights - 8th July 2023

Kundali Bhagya In the latest episode , emotions run high as Bani Dadi expresses her longing for Preeta's presence in the household. However, Nidhi's anger and skepticism towards constantly talking about Preeta intensify the situation. Rakhi intervenes, reminding Nidhi of the upcoming arrival of Kavya's in-laws and the need for a harmonious environment. Amidst the heated exchange, Karan's unexpected arrival surprises everyone, leading to further intriguing revelations.

Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2023 Full Episode

Get ready for an exciting episode of Kundali Bhagya airing on 9th July 2023. This popular Hindi serial, available to watch on Zee Tv and Zee5, promises to captivate viewers with its engaging storyline. In this article, we'll provide a brief overview of the episode and highlight why it's a must-watch for fans of the show

Bani Dadi's Yearning for Preeta:

Bani Dadi openly reveals her deep longing for Preeta, acknowledging that her presence would have made the preparations much easier and brought a lively atmosphere to the house. She expresses her genuine desire to have Preeta back.

Nidhi's Fury and Rakhi's Intervention:

Nidhi, growing increasingly furious, questions the constant mention of Preeta and challenges Bani Dadi to bring her back if she desires her presence so much. Rakhi steps in, questioning Nidhi's disrespectful behavior towards Bani Dadi. Rakhi reminds Nidhi of the impending arrival of Kavya's in-laws and the negative impression their arguments would create. Nidhi, feeling blamed, reacts defensively.

Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2023 Full Episode

Karan's Surprise Entry:

As tensions rise, Karan makes a dramatic entrance into the house, leaving Nidhi shocked. Concerned about the ongoing conversation, he offers his assistance to Bani Dadi. Rakhi, sensing an opportunity, asks Nidhi to continue explaining her point to Karan. Karina, curious about the situation, inquires about Karan's sudden arrival, and Rakhi signals her to wait.

Karan's Gratitude and Rakhi's Reminder:

Karan acknowledges that all the preparations have been impeccably arranged and appreciates the personal touch. Rakhi, a bit taken aback by his gratitude, questions why he is thanking her when she is Kavya's grandmother. Sensing the need for Karan to prepare himself, Rakhi instructs him to get ready. Nidhi leaves the scene, searching for Shaurya.

Mahesh and Karan's Conversation:

In a private moment, Mahesh questions Karan's decision to hire Rajveer, considering the troubled relationship between Rajveer and Shaurya. Mahesh reminds Karan of Rajveer's previous attempts to harm Shaurya and suggests calling him and asking him not to come to the office. Karan initially remains silent, but eventually, he refuses to make the call, leading Mahesh to express his disappointment. The conversation reveals a discord between father and son regarding business priorities versus personal relationships.

Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2023 Full Episode

Karan's Motive Revealed:

Karan defends his decision and reveals a shocking truth to Mahesh. He hired Rajveer to uncover the connection between him and Preeta. Karan recalls seeing Preeta in their house during the fire incident and witnessing Rajveer's interaction with her. Determined to find Preeta, Karan believes there is a deeper relationship between them and Rajveer holds the key to finding her. Mahesh is stunned by Karan's revelation.

Nidhi's Inner Turmoil:

Nidhi, overwhelmed with emotions, reflects on her past encounters with Preeta. She remembers saving Karan's life and the gratitude Preeta expressed at the time. As Nidhi's tears flow, she questions Karan's inability to see her love and devotion. Feeling threatened by the possibility of Karan reuniting with Preeta, Nidhi expresses her love for him and vows not to let anyone bring them closer.

Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2023 Full Episode

Varun's Arrival and Family Interaction:

Varun and his family enter the Luthra house, where they are warmly greeted by Kritika and the rest of the family. Rakhi mentions that they were eagerly awaiting their arrival. Amidst casual conversations, Varun's father jokingly admits their slight delay due to getting caught up in the meet-and-greet.

Preeta's Dilemma and Rajveer's Secret:

Preeta confides in Gurpreet about Rajveer's sudden job at a prestigious company. Palki, overhearing their conversation, questions Rajveer's intentions and the reason behind his appointment. Rajveer remains evasive, leaving Palki curious and willing to wait for him to reveal the truth. Rajveer receives a call, prompting him to step outside.

Nidhi's Determination and Karan's Quest:

Nidhi, still contemplating the situation, wonders why Karan is so determined to find Preeta. Her mind races with thoughts of how she encountered Preeta in the lift and witnessed her interaction with Rajveer. Nidhi's fear of losing Karan intensifies as she ponders why Preeta hasn't revealed herself despite Karan's relentless efforts.


In this captivating episode of Kundali Bhagya, emotions reach their peak as Bani Dadi yearns for Preeta's presence, Nidhi's jealousy and frustration grow, and Karan's mission to find Preeta unfolds. The storyline takes intriguing turns, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next episode and the resolution of these intertwined relationships.