In today's episode of Kundali Bhagya, which airs on 22nd July 2023, the storyline takes a dramatic turn. The episode begins with Rakhi offering comfort to Kavya, assuring her that everything will be alright. Rishabh enters the scene and finds Kavya in tears.

Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2023 Written Update

Rishabh tells Kavya that Karan has the right to handle her problems, and he believes that Karan won't stay silent. However, Rishabh adds that if Karan fails to take action, he will step in to help.

Meanwhile, Kavya goes to Karan's room to talk to him. At the same time, Rakhi expresses her desire to meet Rajveer's maasi (aunt). Inside Karan's room, he advises Kavya to let go of the situation and take some rest.

However, Kavya insists that Rajveer is innocent and questions Karan about his belief in Rajveer's innocence. On the other side, Gurpreet informs Palki that Preeta is not at home. Tragically, Preeta meets with an accident.

Sandy convinces Shaurya to go clubbing, but Nidhi calls Shaurya back home. Meanwhile, a couple discovers Preeta injured and rushes her to the hospital. Simultaneously, Srishti arrives at Gurpreet's house and introduces herself.

Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2023 Upcoming Story Written Update

Palki suggests calling Rajveer, but the call remains unanswered. To comfort Srishti, Palki offers her water and receives appreciation for her kindness.

In another development, Rajveer sits in his jail cell, consumed with thoughts of Shrishti. Determined to seek her help, he approaches a constable and requests permission to make a call. Shrishti is taken aback when she unexpectedly receives the call from Rajveer.

Rajveer confesses that he joined Luthra Industries with the sole purpose of seeking revenge on the Luthras but ended up behind bars for stealing one crore rupees. Shrishti is shocked to learn about Rajveer's situation and her emotions boil over with anger.

Meanwhile, Preeta remains unconscious in the hospital bed. The doctor is surprised to see abnormal fluctuations in her heart rate, as if she is experiencing intense emotions despite being unconscious. The doctor wonders if Preeta has an unusually strong attachment to the person she is feeling so intensely about.

At the same time, Kavya confronts Shaurya and Karan, asserting her belief in Rajveer's innocence, claiming that she can sense it in her heart. Determined to prove Rajveer's innocence, Kavya vows to do whatever it takes.

As the story unfolds, tensions rise, and the characters face new challenges that will surely keep the audience on the edge of their seats.