A Tale of Concern and Redemption: Shristhi's Determination to Help Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update

In a heartwarming encounter, Palki graciously offers Shristhi a cup of tea, prompting Shristhi to compliment Palki's beauty and impeccable manners. Grateful for the gesture, Shristhi thanks Palki. Curious about some undisclosed matter, Shristhi turns to Mohit for answers. Mohit explains that not even Rajveer knows the whole truth, as some people are genuinely innocent while others remain unaware of their true intentions.

Faced with uncertainty, Shristhi contemplates calling her elder sister, Preeta, seeking reassurance. Nidhi anxiously waits for Shaurya, informing him about their sister's distress and their father's stern reprimands, which could jeopardize their plan. Shaurya, determined to handle the situation, leaves in a fit of anger.

Meanwhile, Rajveer finds himself in a lockup, reminiscing about the time when Shristhi's mother warned him to return to Mumbai. Ignoring her advice, Rajveer sought revenge for his mother's sake. Overwhelmed by missing Shristhi's mother, he regrets the pain he caused her, seeing her fall while trying to protect him. Rajveer calls for help from the constables, longing for Shristhi's mother to be by his side. Unfortunately, his pleas go unanswered.

Outside the hospital where Preeta lies unconscious after an accident, a couple waits anxiously. The doctor arrives, inquiring about the injured lady, and they rush inside to attend to her. The doctor, perplexed by the lady's continuous thoughts about someone dear, decides to administer anesthesia and start treatment.

Back in the police station, Rajveer persistently calls the constable, desperately seeking permission to make one phone call. Finally, he is granted the opportunity to call Shristhi, who answers his call with concern. Rajveer apologizes for not heeding her warning, as he now finds himself in jail, accused of stealing one crore rupees from the Luthra family. Shristhi reassures him and promises to be by his side, assuring him of her presence in Mumbai.

With the knowledge of Preeta's condition, Shristhi urgently asks Mohit to bring his motorcycle, and they set off to reach the hospital quickly. At the hospital, the doctor shares her observations with the couple, revealing that Preeta is unconscious but still worrying about someone close to her heart – Rajveer.

In Kavya's room, she reflects on Rajveer's protection during a recent function and regrets not being able to support him in return. Meanwhile, Shaurya confronts Kavya, questioning her loyalty and reminding her that he is her brother, not Rajveer. Karan intervenes, urging Shaurya to apologize to Kavya for his anger, and Kavya excuses herself, feeling misunderstood.

Accompanied by Mohit, Shristhi arrives at the hospital, anxious to see Preeta. Despite being warned by the medical staff, she rushes to the ICU and finds her sister unconscious. Overwhelmed with mixed emotions, Shristhi vows to bring Rajveer out of jail and seeks justice for him. Aware of the potential consequences, Shristhi promises to seek revenge from the Luthra family while praying for Preeta's speedy recovery.

In this tale of concern and redemption, Shristhi's determination to help Rajveer remains unwavering. As she embarks on her mission, she remains hopeful that her actions will lead to a brighter future for both her sister and Rajveer.