As Preeta sat on her bed, her thoughts were consumed by Karan and how he had saved her from the fire. Just then, Gurpreet entered the house, relieved that Preeta had taken the clothes inside due to the heavy storm outside. Observing Preeta's worried expression, Gurpreet inquired about the reason behind it. Preeta assured her that she was fine, but couldn't help mentioning her unease about Rajveer, who had left after their video call. She was anxiously awaiting his return.

Kundali Bhagya 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Curiosity piqued, Gurpreet encouraged Preeta to share her thoughts. Preeta confided that while watching the video, she had seen Shaurya's father and felt a strange familiarity with him, as if they had known each other before the fire incident. Gurpreet reminded her that it might be because Karan was a famous player in his time, and they might have come across him in some other context. Still, Preeta remained puzzled by the nagging feeling.

Meanwhile, Rajveer was standing next to a safe, trying to crack the code. To his astonishment, when he managed to open it, the safe was empty. Wondering if the family had shifted the money, he attempted to approach them but found the door locked. Shaurya appeared and cryptically mentioned that the door would only open when he desired it to. With no way out, Rajveer considered his options.

At a family function, Rakhi offered food to the officials, along with Karan, who expressed regret for attending empty-handed due to their financial troubles. Kavya reassured them that her blessings were all she needed and didn't expect any gifts. The officials praised Karan for raising a daughter like Preeta, who sought positivity in every situation, unlike some modern children who merely demanded material things.

Karina bua asked Bani Dadi to rest as she seemed tired. Kritika wished Preeta could be there, recalling the events she had organized in the past. Kavya became emotional as well.

Back to the locked room, Rajveer was still struggling to escape. He noticed the window and considered climbing out.

Nidhi devised a plan to confront Rajveer with more witnesses, asking Karina bua and Bani Dadi to join her. They made their way to the back hallway, where they hoped to catch Rajveer red-handed. Nidhi spoke cryptically, and when Rajveer jumped out of the window, they demanded an explanation. He claimed the door was locked, forcing him to resort to the window exit. Confusion ensued when they discovered the empty safe, and Nidhi promptly called the police to report a robbery.

The family was shocked by the news, and accusations were thrown at Rajveer. Shaurya defended the loyal servant Garesh, suggesting the thieves were outsiders. Nidhi blamed Rajveer, insisting that he stole the money they trusted him with. Karan took exception to Nidhi's haste in accusing Rajveer and demanded to talk to the inspector privately. However, Nidhi kept insisting that Rajveer was the thief.

In the midst of the chaos, Preeta struggled to find transport as the road was blocked, delaying her arrival at the scene.

Shaurya urged Rajveer to reveal the truth to Kavya since she considered him like a sister. The inspector reminded them that they were there for a robbery case, not personal disputes. Rajveer acknowledged the personal problem but didn't elaborate further.

The situation grew tense as the truth remained concealed, leaving everyone anxious and uncertain about what would unfold next.