Kundali Bhagya 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

In this episode, Varun and Kavya sit down along with Nidhi and her friend Arohi, ready to continue the game. Bani Dadi announces that the game will begin once again as she starts the music. The participants pass around a cushion, and it lands on Karan before he can pass it to Mahesh. Initially refusing to play, Mahesh convinces Karan to stay. Everyone insists that Karan should sing and dance, but he insists that he lacks the skills for it. Shaurya declares that Karan is "The Karan Luthra" and should perform. Bani Dadi mentions that she hasn't heard Karan sing in a long time. Reluctantly, Karan agrees and apologizes for not wanting to play the game. Kavya requests Karan to sing for her, leading Karan to perform reluctantly. As he closes his eyes, he envisions dancing with Preeta, thoroughly enjoying their time together. The family listens to Karan's song with awe, but Karan is shocked upon opening his eyes, realizing that Preeta is not by his side. The family applauds him, and Kavya rushes to hug him, making Karan express his love for her. Witnessing this, Kavya becomes jealous.

The game continues, with Kritika teasing Rajveer before passing the cushion. Karan manages to pass it to Mahesh, and eventually, it stops at Rajveer, surprising him. Kritika exclaims that he is trapped, and the group suggests that he dance. However, Shaurya proposes an arm wrestling match instead. As they prepare, Sandy taunts Rajveer, and Shaurya removes his rings. The workers bring a table, and Rajveer and Shaurya face each other. Rajveer silently signals to begin the arm wrestle. They lock hands, and Karan observes them closely. Rajveer and Shaurya exert their strength, with Rajveer realizing that as the older brother, he must win. Shaurya taunts Rajveer, but Rajveer overcomes him, surprising Nidhi. The family applauds Rajveer, and Shaurya feels unsure of how to react, leaving the room followed by Sandy. Karan appears worried, while Karina comments on Shaurya's inability to handle the situation and mentions that Preeta could have taught him to take it lightly. Nidhi also leaves.

In the kitchen, Nidhi instructs Garesh to bring snacks, but he reveals that Rajveer has already taken them. When Nidhi asks him to fetch juice, Garesh replies that Rajveer has taken that as well, prompting Nidhi to suggest Rajveer should also take his job. Arohi asks Garesh to check if dinner is ready in the makeshift kitchen. Arohi questions Nidhi's return, and Nidhi responds by comparing her loyalty to Preeta's comparatively brief time with the Luthra family. Garesh informs Nidhi that Karan has asked for her since two men have arrived. Nidhi dismisses Garesh, and Arohi questions the identity of the men, to which Nidhi responds that they are the reason Preeta will be forced to leave before entering the house.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet sits while Palki approaches her, initially believing that Gurpreet has a headache. However, Palki clarifies that she came to meet Preeta. Gurpreet mentions that Preeta is in her room and goes to check on Mohit, who went to the market. Mohit arrives and questions Palki's presence, to which she explains her desire to inquire about Rajveer, suspecting that something is wrong. Mohit remembers Rajveer telling him that Karan Luthra is also his father and diverts the conversation to Rajveer's potential salary package. Palki becomes tense and informs Mohit that Rajveer is not what he seems. Mohit leaves, and Palki greets Preeta, inquiring about Rajveer's whereabouts. Preeta excitedly shows her that Rajveer is attending Shaurya's sister's function. Palki leaves, wondering why Rajveer would attend a Luthra event when he harbors such hatred for them. Preeta closes the windows due to the strong winds.

Nidhi encounters Shaurya, and they discuss the arrival of the men. Nidhi apologizes to both of them, acknowledging their anger. Karan pulls Nidhi aside and questions why she called them today. Nidhi apologizes, explaining that she mistakenly believed she was leaving for Bangalore the following day, but her flight is actually in two days. Karan reprimands her, stating that her behavior is unacceptable. Nidhi suggests arranging a meeting the next day, but Rakhi insists that Nidhi complete her task immediately, now that the men have arrived. Nidhi asks Rajveer to retrieve money from the safe, as he already knows the code. Rajveer leaves.

While walking, Rajveer senses someone following him but proceeds to the room. Unbeknownst to him, Shaurya quietly locks the door, trapping Rajveer inside.

Karan walks, while Preeta remains on the video call. Seeing Karan, Preeta starts speaking to him as if he is approaching her, but he goes to pick up a gift instead. Preeta feels embarrassed, realizing her misunderstanding. Karan appears concerned as he picks up the gift. Preeta stares at him, sensing familiarity.

In the next episode, Rajveer attempts to access the safe but discovers that the money has been stolen. Nidhi informs Rakhi about the missing money, leaving the Luthra family shocked.