In a heartwarming moment, Karan urges Kavya to rely on him whenever she feels even the slightest bit of tension. He promises to handle everything for her. Intrigued by Karan's gesture, Kavya agrees and playfully addresses him as Mr. Handsome. This prompts Karan to embrace her with a smile on his face. He reminiscences about how Kavya used to call him Mr. Handsome when she was young. Overwhelmed by his emotions, Karan excuses himself, struggling to contain his feelings. Karina observes his emotional state, while Bani Dadi explains that it's natural for a father to feel emotional when his daughter is getting married. Rakhi follows Karan to offer her support.

Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Returning to the room, Preeta is surprised to find the video call still in progress. Spotting Karan on the call, she warmly greets him. Karan is taken aback, feeling as if Preeta is physically present with him. Preeta expresses her gratitude and explains that she is speaking over the phone. Sensing Karan's tension, she acknowledges that his daughter is getting married and will soon leave the family home. Preeta remarks on how parents often struggle to fathom how quickly their daughters grow up and get married. She advises Karan not to worry and encourages him to enjoy this special day. Perplexed by Karan's silent gaze, Preeta suddenly realizes that today is Kavya's function. She had watched the celebration and caught a glimpse of his beautiful daughter, triggering a sense of familiarity. However, the image remained hazy. Concerned, Preeta implores Karan to stop crying as it pains her to see him in such distress. Karan, unable to control his tears, receives comfort from Rakhi's embrace. Witnessing this, Preeta becomes even more worried about their emotional state. Mahesh calls Rakhi, and she assures Karan she will join him in a moment before leaving. Karan expresses his deep yearning for Preeta, mentioning her name. Preeta reciprocates by confessing how much she misses him. Karan attempts to communicate with her, but Preeta regrets being unable to hear him clearly. She urges him to voice his needs and assures him that there's no reason to cry, emphasizing that she saw his daughter's happiness. Karan's thoughts drift back to the party where he met Preeta after so many years and vividly remembers rescuing her from a fire in the outhouse, only to see her leave him once again. The poignant recollection leaves both Karan and Preeta emotionally stirred.

Rakhi seizes the opportunity to announce a game to make Kavya and Varun's special day even more memorable. Karan requests Varun and Kavya to join the game, excusing himself to make an important phone call. Arohi wonders where Karan is, given that everyone else is present. Kritika notes that Shaurya has arrived with his guitar. Rajveer volunteers to handle the music, but Bani Dadi scolds him, insisting he takes a seat. Nidhi asks Karan why he's standing idly when the game is underway, and Karan complies with her suggestion. Rajveer expresses his contentment at being seated with the entire family, yet sorrowful because Nidhi received the position his mother deserved. Angrily, he gazes at Nidhi. Arohi notices Nidhi's smile and questions her, leading to Nidhi revealing Rajveer's deceit when Arohi inquired about Preeta. Nidhi discloses that Preeta is Rajveer's caterer and might even follow him to the Luthra Mansion. Arohi recalls Nidhi mentioning her plan but advises her to wait and watch. Shaurya insists that Nidhi join them and beckons her to sit. Bani Dadi initiates the music, and they all pass a cushion until it finally stops with Varun.

Varun agrees and asks what he must do. Rajveer suggests that he answer a question about his love for Kavya, emphasizing that they are entrusting Kavya to him and deserve this assurance. Varun jokes about not having taken as many exams in college. Shaurya chastises Rajveer, disapproving of his attempts to assume the role of Kavya's brother. Karan intervenes, diffusing the tension, reminding them that it's just a game. Nidhi tells Karan that a fight is inevitable as Rajveer consistently ruins Shaurya's plans. Karan defends Rajveer, considering him a nice person and now a member of the family. He advises Nidhi not to escalate the situation. Shaurya, on the brink of leaving, is persuaded by Kritika to stay, highlighting the importance of maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. Rajveer also urges Shaurya to participate, stating that if he joins, Rajveer will leave. Mahesh sides with Shaurya, acknowledging that he referred to himself as Kavya's brother, whereas Rajveer is merely acting. Shaurya relents and resumes his seat. Karina reminds Varun that he has yet to answer the question. Varun seeks permission to respond with a song. Shaurya offers to accompany him on the guitar, while Varun requests that they all remain until he finishes his song. Taking Kavya's hand, Varun begins singing, captivating everyone present. Kavya, in awe, joins him in the dance, and they receive a round of applause. Rajveer, elated by Kavya's smile, cherishes the moment.

Amidst the festivities, Karan notices Nidhi leaving and decides to follow her, leaving his duties as Varun's father temporarily unattended. Karan confronts Nidhi, questioning why she doesn't address Shaurya's behavior in front of everyone. Nidhi counters by asking why Karan doesn't confront Rajveer. Karan explains that it's unrelated to them and recollects seeing Rajveer with Preeta. Nidhi, also pondering their interaction, implores Karan not to say anything at this time. However, their conversation is interrupted by Arohi, who intervenes to bring them back to the gathering. Nidhi questions Arohi's interference, but Arohi shares a story about a friend whose husband had an affair. Arohi describes how her friend confronted him after finding out but ultimately decided to stay with him. Arohi cautions Nidhi that Karan still loves Preeta deeply and if Karan were to express a desire to be with her, Nidhi would have to decide whether to leave him. Arohi advises Nidhi not to question Karan about living with Preeta but also to ensure that he remains unaware of her knowledge about Preeta being alive. Nidhi agrees with Arohi's advice and thanks her for averting a potential dilemma. Arohi then invites Nidhi to join her for a dance.

Varun's soulful performance continues to mesmerize the audience as he stands up and invites Kavya to dance with him. Though initially surprised, everyone enjoys their enchanting dance, applauding their chemistry and skill. Rajveer is delighted to witness Kavya's radiant smile.

The function unfolds with a mix of emotions and unexpected revelations, leaving the Luthra family members with much to contemplate as they celebrate Kavya and Varun's special day.