Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update Kavya tells Mahesh to invite Rajveer from the office. Rakhi agrees with Kavya and says she was about to suggest the same thing. She mentions that she feels someone with a great charm has entered their house. Mahesh agrees with Rakhi, and after seeking permission from her, he leaves to invite Rajveer. Kavya hugs Rakhi and comments that her grandfather is young and handsome but left without taking his bag. Mahesh calls Garesh to bring the bag back. Nidhi, standing in the balcony, thinks that they are inviting Rajveer as if he is a part of their own family. She smiles, anticipating what is about to unfold.

Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Palki opens the door and is shocked to see Shreya. Palki asks her what she is doing there, and Shreya responds by asking if she can't come as it is also her house. Shreya explains that her mother made Rajma rice for Palki, knowing that she likes it. Shreya mentions that Palki has made new friends and might have forgotten about her old friends. Palki asks whom she is talking about, and Shreya says it's the handsome boy who lives in her aunt's house. Palki acts as if she doesn't know anything, but Shreya insists that they both get lost staring into each other's eyes whenever they meet. Palki denies any such feelings, but Shreya tells her that she knows Palki is not accepting it. Shreya says she has to go to the hospital but Palki offers to make tea for her. Shreya replies that she will come back and find out the truth about Palki constantly staring at Rajveer. Palki thinks about Rajveer and wonders why she thinks about him so much when she isn't that important to him.

Rajveer enters his cabin and wonders what is happening to him. He ponders over his feelings toward the people he hates so much.

In the kitchen, Palki receives a call from Rajveer. She answers and says she was just thinking about him. He asks what she was thinking, and Palki asks if he remembers her friend Shreya, who asked about him. Palki asks why he seems so tensed, and he replies that it's just work-related stress. Palki scolds him, saying that she knows when he is troubled, but assures him that good people never face any harm. Rajveer ends the call, mentioning that he will call her back later as he is busy. Palki wonders why he called her if he had to end the call. Rajveer receives another call from Palki and asks why she called him again. Palki questions what has happened to him and why he called her, but he dismisses it as nothing important.

Nidhi selects dresses for herself while Arohi enters her room. Arohi asks why Nidhi is so happy and what she has done to cause it. Nidhi replies that Arohi has become smart and then reveals that she has made sure Preeta left before coming to this house. Nidhi explains that Preeta came to this house because of Rajveer and that she saw them together in the office. According to Nidhi, Rajveer claimed that Preeta was his caterer. Arohi questions if she is sure that Preeta can do something like that, but Nidhi insists that Preeta can do anything without even lifting a finger. Nidhi reveals her plan to use Rajveer to get Preeta to stay away from the Luthra house. Arohi expresses concern about spoiling Kavya's function, but Nidhi doesn't care about Kavya since she really loves her mother and should pay the price for it. Nidhi eagerly waits for the drama that will unfold that night, as the entire family will be shocked and the story will change. She believes that the son of the house will help her with her plan.

Shaurya enters the office and sees Rajveer walking. He smiles, recalling Nidhi mentioning her plan to send Rajveer to jail for at least a year. Shaurya thinks that Rajveer is a peculiar person who has a problem whether he is polite or harsh. Mahesh is glad to see Rajveer in the office and mentions that he has something important to discuss with him. Rajveer asks what the matter is, and Mahesh replies that he wants to invite Rajveer to a function as the entire family desires his presence. Rajveer says that he wasn't going to refuse and had already agreed. He explains that he received a call from Kavya. Mahesh says that Kavya is very clever as she called Rajveer herself and asked him to come. Mahesh mentions that they will send a driver to pick him up. Shaurya comments that Rajveer has proven himself capable of working as a waiter and handling large crowds at their functions. Rajveer replies that he will do anything for Kavya since she treats him like a brother.

Later, at night, Preeta anxiously waits for Rajveer, who has not yet returned. She calls him to ask where he is. Rajveer replies that he is still working. Preeta tells him that he should have informed her if he was going to be late. Rajveer apologizes but Preeta notices that he seems happy. She questions the reason behind his happiness, and he says that she is really cute and continues to talk with him even when she said she didn't want to. Preeta scolds him playfully but then asks if he has eaten his lunch. Rajveer abruptly ends the call upon seeing Karan enter the cabin. Preeta calls him again, and Karan also asks Rajveer to answer his call. Rajveer responds that he was talking about something private, so Karan agrees to wait outside the cabin.

Shaurya sits in his cabin, and Sandy comes to the office with a bottle of alcohol. Shaurya gets excited and asks Sandy how he likes his cabin. Sandy opens the bottle, and Shaurya receives a call from Nidhi, who asks why he hasn't come back yet. Shaurya replies that he will return after some time but Nidhi insists that she can't handle everything on her own. Shaurya asks Sandy to join him at his house as there is a function for KD. Shaurya is excited about the event.

Arohi is tensed and asks Nidhi why Preeta hasn't revealed herself and why she hasn't even met her own son, Shaurya. Nidhi replies that it's for the best, but Arohi is certain that Preeta will come to the Luthra house today for Kavya's function. Nidhi becomes worried.

Kavya is smiling while looking at Rakhi. Rakhi asks why she is smiling, and Kavya replies that Rakhi seems very adorable. Rakhi responds that she is feeling a lot of love for Kavya. Rakhi wonders why there is a ritual for daughters to leave their parents' house and establish their own world. Rakhi suggests that it would be better if they lived right in front of the Luthra Mansion, as they would have privacy but she could still meet them anytime. Kavya asks Rakhi whose qualities she has, and Rakhi says she talks like her father, Karan, but behaves like her mother. Rakhi leaves, mentioning that she needs to select a saree for Bani Dadi. Kavya starts smiling, thinking about what Rakhi said.

In the kitchen, Preeta is heating food when Rajveer calls her. She asks why he cut her call, and Rajveer replies that there was a network problem. Preeta realizes that he ended the call and asks when he will come back. Rajveer replies that he is going to the Luthra house because it is Shaurya's sister's function, and he was asked to help. Preeta scolds him for not informing her, but he says that she scolds him even when he does something good. She insists that she feels he should have a sister to talk to. Rajveer says that brothers are stubborn and don't care about anyone. Preeta ends the call, and Rajveer is left smiling. He feels happy after talking to her. However, he receives another call from Preeta, who questions why he called her again. Rajveer responds that it was nothing important.

Meanwhile, Mahesh stands behind Rajveer, and Rajveer gets worried.