In today's post, we will delve into the intriguing plot of the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, scheduled for 23rd July 2023. The episode opens with Ranbir, overwhelmed by guilt and self-blame for interfering in Mihika's personal matters. Troubled by his thoughts, he receives a call from his parents, but the voices only add to his distress, and he tries to block them out by covering his ears.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2023 Written Update

Prachi notices Ranbir's distress and compassionately removes his hands, expressing genuine concern for his well-being. However, Ranbir responds rudely, regretting ever having crossed paths with her. Meanwhile, Akshay refuses to take his medicine, claiming that it's Mihika who needs it more.

Frustrated, Mihika storms off, leaving the situation tense. Ashok advises Akshay not to provoke her any further, emphasizing the importance of avoiding any escalation. Akshay is adamant that Mihika is lying about being in a relationship with Ranbir and tries to trigger some memories by bringing up their shared past. However, Ashok dismisses the idea, not wanting to delve into the past. At this moment, Visakh arrives and senses the tension, prompting him to inquire about the cause of their worries.

Akshay seizes the opportunity to share his suspicions about Mihika's alleged relationship with Ranbir, asserting that it's all a facade. Visakha proposes a ritual to reveal the truth and intrigues Akshay by hinting at its nature. She encourages everyone to wait for the revelation to unfold.

In the upcoming story of Kumkum Bhagya on 23rd July 2023, Akshay confronts Ranbir about his sudden bout of depression triggered by Vishaka's request. Akshay suggests that they should take their relationship to the next level and perform the ritual in the presence of their family members. However, Manpreet feels uncomfortable with the situation and expresses her concerns to Ashok, urging him not to push Ranbir beyond his comfort zone.

Ashok, on the other hand, becomes annoyed and insists on trusting Vishaka's wisdom and experience as the elder of the house. With everyone persuading him, Ranbir reluctantly agrees to offer vermilion to Mihika as part of the ritual.

However, Mihika takes charge of the situation and snatches the Thaal from Vishaka's hands, presenting it to Ranbir herself. Trembling with hesitation, Ranbir attempts to place the vermilion on Mihika's hairline. But before he can complete the ritual, Prachi intervenes and tightly grips his hand. In an unexpected twist, the vermilion accidentally falls on Prachi's hairline instead of Mihika's.

The family members are left in shock at the turn of events. Prachi speaks up, asserting that the vermilion is only meant for a married woman.

That concludes today's episode of Kumkum Bhagya on 23rd July 2023. To catch the full episode, you can watch it on the Zee5 App available on Google Play Store.