Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Pallavi blaming herself for not understanding her son's desires, feeling like a bad mother. Dida consoles her, assuring that she's not a bad mother and has always tried to protect Ranbir from pain and troubles. Pallavi admits that she couldn't see Rhea's true intentions because she loved her like a daughter. Despite her worries, she shares that Ranbir appeared in her dream, promising to return home soon. Pallavi expresses her desire to ask him to come back quickly. Vikram reassures her that her dream will come true, and Ranbir will return soon. However, Pallavi remembers Vikram's advice not to trouble Ranbir and wait for his call. Vikram insists on calling Ranbir, asserting that a mother's right to check on her child is paramount. Pallavi believes Ranbir must be missing their family and Prachi, and Dida agrees, saying that Ranbir holds them all close to his heart.

Meanwhile, Akshay confronts Mihika, telling her that he spoke to her friend Kritika and learned about Ranbir. Feeling enraged and invaded, Mihika accuses Akshay of spying on her and throws things in anger. He breaks a vase, leading to a heated argument between them about the authenticity of their relationship. Ranbir intervenes when Akshay raises his hand to slap Mihika, believing it's wrong to harm a woman. However, Mihika asks Ranbir to leave and handle their personal matter. Ranbir feels upset and traumatized as Rhea and Aaliya's words echo in his mind. Prachi comes to check on him, but he rebuffs her, wishing he had never met her.

Akshay and his father, Ashok, discuss Mihika's past, and Akshay insists that she's lying about being in a relationship with Ranbir. Vishaka overhears this conversation and warns them that they need to put an end to this deception to avoid potential consequences. She expresses concern that Mihika believes in customs and may refuse to go through with the rituals if the relationship is proven to be fake.

Later, everyone gathers at the dining table, and Vishaka instructs Ranbir to fill Mihika's maang (parting of hair) with kumkum (vermilion), implying that they are already in a relationship and will marry later. Ranbir is taken aback and refuses to comply, not understanding how he can apply kumkum without a proper marital commitment. Akshay challenges him, asking why he can't do it. Mihika also confronts Ranbir, questioning his hesitation, leaving him stunned.