Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Ranbir reminiscing about a past encounter with Prachi. He recalls how Prachi spotted him at the temple with his face covered. Back then, he had warned her not to reveal this to anyone at college, threatening to spread rumors about her love for a bad boy if she did. Prachi, on the other hand, found Ranbir cute but considered him a big liar.

In the present, Prachi decides to expose Ranbir's deception during a special occasion. She praises Mihika and expresses her love for her, making Ranbir uncomfortable. Despite Akshay's lies, Prachi insists that they complete the marriage rounds again. Ranbir tries to sabotage the rounds, but Prachi cleverly ensures that they complete the ritual. Later, Ranbir starts questioning the legitimacy of Akshay and Prachi's relationship and becomes suspicious of Mihika's feelings for him.

Prachi notices Ranbir's distance and tries to show him that she is content with Akshay. She suspects Ranbir's connection with Mihika and believes he purposely kicked the kalash during the rounds. Vishaka expresses her doubts about Ranbir and Mihika's relationship to Akshay.

Divya and Neha tease Mihika by mentioning Ranbir's name. Mihika seeks refuge with Ranbir, and they share a playful moment. Ranbir confesses that he no longer believes in such rituals, expressing his disappointment with love. Prachi empathizes with him.

In the upcoming events, Vishaka advises Akshay to be cautious about the woman he is married to and warns him about being used for someone's gain. She urges him to consider if his wife truly cares for him. Meanwhile, Akshay asks Prachi to accompany him somewhere.

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