The episode begins with Mihika observing Ranbir's desire to prove to Prachi that he is committed to one woman. Mihika suggests they discuss it later and asks Ranbir to inform everyone that nobody is answering calls at his house. Ranbir expresses his gratitude to Mihika for understanding him, and she compliments him, acknowledging his sincerity. Meanwhile, Prachi contemplates Ashok's words and decides to inform him that she opposes the alliance between Mihika and Ranbir. She expresses her doubts about Ranbir's suitability for Mihika to Akshay. Akshay, however, reveals that Mihika had spoken positively about Ranbir and praises him, asserting that Ranbir genuinely loves Mihika. Perplexed, Prachi explains that she spoke against the alliance to uplift Mihika's spirits. Akshay questions her objections, leading to a disagreement about Ranbir's character. Prachi shares her observations, emphasizing that when Mihika fell, everyone rushed to her aid except for Ranbir. Akshay argues that Ranbir is a good person and financially stable. Prachi challenges his assumption and questions whether they are incapable of taking care of Mihika. Akshay clarifies that he meant Ranbir is overall a good person, citing his past relationship with Prachi's sister. Prachi asks him to stop and follows her gut feeling about Ranbir. Akshay suggests halting the alliance temporarily and deferring the decision. Manpreet overhears their conversation and worries that Prachi's opinion might sour her relationship with Ranbir. Akshay defends Prachi, explaining that her protective nature toward Mihika motivates her concern. Manpreet expresses her appreciation for Prachi and considers herself lucky to have such a caring daughter-in-law. She tells Akshay that he is fortunate as well.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

In the next scene, Vishaka gathers everyone for a puja, and the pandit conducts the rituals. Manpreet overhears Prachi's conversation with Akshay and advises her not to overthink the situation, stating that everyone deserves a chance. The pandit requests all the couples to step forward. Akshay and Prachi are asked to circle around the deities, while Ranbir and Mihika are instructed to circumambulate the kalash. Prachi worries about their predicament, and Vishaka inadvertently plays marriage mantras on her mobile, prompting the pandit to ask her to stop. Vishaka clarifies that one couple is already married, while the other couple is about to be married. The pandit agrees to proceed with the rituals and instructs the couples accordingly. However, just as the rounds begin, the lights go out. Vishaka tries to walk but slips, and Akshay catches her. Akshay decides to investigate the cause of the power outage and asks Ranbir to accompany him. They discover that someone intentionally removed the fuse, separating them from their respective partners. Ranbir finds the fuse and suspects foul play, while Akshay suggests that someone orchestrated the incident to disrupt the rituals. Determined, they decide to complete the rituals despite the interruption.

Divya and Neha speculate that jealous neighbors may have cut the power. Manpreet checks on Vishaka's well-being, while Akshay and Ranbir return. Ranbir reveals that only their lights went out and suspects foul play. Vishaka suspects Prachi, but Ranbir begins coughing and goes to drink water. Mihika recalls Ranbir's earlier words and approaches the electrician responsible for the decorations, thanking him for his help. The electrician confirms that Ranbir had approached him to sabotage the rituals, explaining that Ranbir's intention was not malicious. Ranbir expresses his gratitude and considers the electrician to be a true member of the Tandon family, despite not sharing the surname. He insists on giving him money, which the electrician reluctantly accepts. Prachi observes this interaction and questions Sangeeta about Ranbir's actions. Ranbir approaches Prachi, prompting her to wonder what is amiss.

In the upcoming scene, Prachi asks Ranbir and Mihika to complete their rounds before she and Akshay proceed. She urges them to hold hands and commence the ritual.