The episode begins with Ranbir confronting Prachi about her decision to leave him. He questions why she left him despite his smile being a unifying force in their relationship. Prachi looks at him, speechless, and Ranbir walks away, retreating to the balcony. Prachi follows him and expresses her displeasure at his hurtful words. She accuses him of creating misunderstandings and driving a wedge between them, leading to their emotional distance. Prachi explains that she desired a happy family, but instead, she received anger, misunderstandings, betrayal, and accusations. Ranbir defends himself, questioning whether he was the sole wrongdoer and reminding her of the incidents that transpired between them. He reveals that while she wanted a happy family, he only wanted her. In the midst of their conversation, Prachi slips, and a plate goes flying. Ranbir swiftly catches her, and flowers shower down upon them as they share a tender moment. Vishaka witnesses this embrace between Prachi and Ranbir from a distance and quickly calls everyone, including the pandit, to gather.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

The pandit introduces a game where unmarried girls will swing on one swing, while married girls and their husbands will swing on another. He explains that the quality of their married life will be determined by how well they swing. Ashok and Manpreet take the first turn and swing together successfully seven times. Vishaka suggests breaking a coconut before proceeding further, and in the process, she bumps into Ranbir. Vishaka is impressed by his quick reflexes, and Ranbir playfully remarks that he exercises regularly. Vishaka jokingly accuses him of always being there to catch someone who falls and playfully questions his intentions. Ranbir, feeling teased, asks why she doubts him, and Vishaka, intrigued, asks if she can ask him a personal question. Ranbir playfully assumes it's a controversial question. Before he can respond, Manpreet interrupts and takes Vishaka away. Ranbir questions Manpreet's timing, as he was about to reveal something about Prachi.

Meanwhile, Mihika, visibly distressed, is seen crying, and Ranbir approaches her, offering comfort. Prachi also arrives at the scene and notices their interaction. However, Pandit ji calls everyone to continue the ritual. Ashok and Manpreet demonstrate the swing ceremony, followed by Akshay and Prachi. Prachi, lost in thoughts of Ranbir and Mihika's embrace, loses her balance and falls from the swing. Ranbir and Akshay rush to her side to ensure she's okay. Vishaka insists they continue the ritual, while Ranbir reminds Prachi to be careful. They escort Prachi to a nearby sofa, where Akshay tends to her. Mihika approaches Prachi, and Ranbir gazes at her injured feet. Prachi dismisses the seriousness of her injury, leading Ranbir to scold her for underplaying her pain. Mihika questions Ranbir's anger, unaware of the underlying tension. Ranbir expresses his frustration, stating that he is angry with his brother for failing to handle his responsibilities as Prachi's husband. Akshay returns with the first aid kit, and Mihika asks Prachi to show them the injury. Ranbir, still frustrated, chastises Prachi, claiming that his concern stems from caring for her as she is Mihika's sister. Vishaka and Manpreet overhear their argument, observing the dynamics between Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi dismisses Ranbir's overreaction, while Ranbir justifies it as a display of care. Vishaka takes Akshay's hand and leaves, and Manpreet observes Ranbir and Prachi silently.

Another couple participates in the swing ritual, and the wife falls, accusing her husband. Pandit ji explains that their relationship will face difficulties for some time. It is then Mihika's turn to swing, and Ranbir, unsure of his ability to swing well, takes up the challenge. He helps Mihika swing smoothly and embraces her afterward. Ashok praises Ranbir's actions and approves of him as their prospective son-in-law, declaring the alliance fixed from his side. Ranbir and Mihika are taken aback by the sudden turn of events, while Prachi, visibly upset, observes from a distance. Divya, Neha, and Abhay express their belief that Ranbir and Mihika are soulmates. Ashok urges Ranbir to discuss the matter with his parents. Akshay joins in, expressing his approval as well. Prachi, heartbroken, walks away. Ranbir notes the commotion around him and laments the lack of signal for his phone. Vishaka remarks that there is a strong signal on the other side.

Ranbir leaves the gathering, with Mihika following him. He confesses to Mihika that he tried to make her family dislike him, but instead, they unexpectedly started to like him. Mihika recognizes that his actions were meant to prove that he is committed to one woman, referring to Prachi. Ranbir is shocked by Mihika's insight.